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It's a Great Day to Be Alive -- by Tim

Hmmmmm, the title to my blog just happens to also be a country song, but we’ll get to that in a second…

I want to take just a few minutes to talk about comfort zones. 393 more words


Some Negativity in the Form of Questions

I don’t like being negative, nor causing random (negative) ripples or fights on the internet; I don’t like flame wars, I don’t like raining on others’ parade, etc. 1,439 more words


PUSH -- by Tim

Wow! Easter was amazing here at Journey Church … right? Let me tell you about my Easter experience, and it may not be what you are expecting to hear. 277 more words

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Spark My Interest -- by Tim

I have a very short attention span. I won’t relate myself to a squirrel but at times my mind wonders a bit. I think like most people, I am more engaged in conversation or even listening to others talk when I am intrigued by what they are saying or generally interested in what they are saying. 296 more words

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New Addition -- by Tim

Well, I am proud to announce that Ashley and I are now … owners of a new couch! I want to let you into our world of new furniture and feelings of change. 245 more words

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I'm Done -- by Tim

Lately, I have something stirring in my heart so big I cannot contain it.

I was visiting my family over Christmas and while at their church, I saw something or more like it was pointed out to me by God. 406 more words

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A Complete Stranger -- by Tim

So I am sitting on a plane last year headed to Africa. Our first flight was St. Louis to Toronto and from there we would be making the long journey across the ocean to Africa but the story I am about to tell you happened on that short plane ride to Toronto. 372 more words

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