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Why Do Fish Bite? -- by Tim

Have you ever wondered why fish bite and impale themselves on sharp hooks? Every time I catch a fish, I think to myself … what a stupid fish; I tricked it! 351 more words

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I'm on a Boat -- by Tim

Let me tell you a bit about my brother!

I remember as kid looking up to my older brother, Tracy, and I thought he was so cool because he was in the Navy. 467 more words

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Overstreet Hall of Fame 2006-Present

Overstreet Hall of Fame

Class of 2014

George Evans (1920-2001) – Illustrator and Cartoonist – Aviation themes
Lou Fine (1914-1971) – Artist – one of the best from the 40’s… 658 more words


The Deal is Surreal -- by Tim

You never know how God will use you, and most of the time you don’t get to see the effect of what you are doing with your life. 367 more words

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What is Worship? -- by Tim

I have struggled with worship my whole life. Let me explain.

My folks took pride in showing us kids the way, and I am so thankful for that! 528 more words

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Masked Emotions -- by Tim

I have always been fascinated with human emotions – crying, fear, laughing, loving, caring, loss, disappointment, pain, happiness, joyful and even the simple contagious smile. The one thing we all have in common is we all have experienced these emotions and even more not mentioned. 361 more words

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University Libraries and Archives - Part 2

One night I decided to peruse the internet and found a site that accounted for my second positive experience with University Archives. I was searching in the Kentucky Digital Library and ended up at the… 438 more words