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Should We Be Scared?

Should we be scared?

Yes. Terribly so. Anything less is simply unpatriotic.

Why Fear is Good

The entire world is built on the overriding principle of fear. 720 more words

Overthinking It

#799: "Weak Female Lead"

The post title was the subject of the email exactly as it came to my inbox. That will be important later.

Hey there Captain,

I recently moved to a job that not only frees up more time to focus on schooling, but pays better. 1,645 more words

Reader Questions

We're Quiztory

What happened, TV quiz shows? You used to be so good to us.

Oh sure, when we first started seeing you it was only small, jokey gifts. 399 more words

Overthinking It

The Philosophy of Photography

It’s estimated that 1 trillion photos will have been taken this year. That’s 1,000,000,000,000 photos. In one year.

But… why?

I ask this as a rhetorical question of course. 617 more words

Overthinking It

The Most Advert-full Time of the Year

The annual John Lewis advert is here. As ever it hits you right in the feels. Unless you’re a cold-hearted cynic. Or just view it as a piece of marketing by cold-hearted cynics, designed to sell you TVs, furniture and soft cushions (bloody cushions). 519 more words

Overthinking It

Fireworks. Complaining Doesn't.

As October turns into November and the pumpkins start to decay revealing the true message of Halloween – the futility and inevitable end of human life – our thoughts move to Bonfire night. 378 more words

Overthinking It

#780: My creative partner's girlfriend might be jealous of our new project.

Dear Captain,

I am a (female) musician just starting out on a new duo project with a fellow (male) musician, and we’re just about heading for our first gigs and things. 1,281 more words