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#822: PSA that answers about 10 current letters

If you’ve met someone online…

…made plans to meet up for a first date

…but then after you’ve made those plans, the person says or does something creepy (or racist) that makes you reconsider… 363 more words

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#818: Imposter Syndrome strikes again!

Hello Captain and friends!

This problem has been sitting in my mind, waiting to pounce, for months. Recently it came to the forefront and shocked me a bit. 1,493 more words

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#816 "A new relationship that should be great is complicated."

Hi Captain,

I’ve dug through your archives but haven’t seen anything specifically on this topic–apologies if I’ve overlooked something–but I’m wondering what advice you have to give for partners who make the decision to work through a mistake and rebuild confidence in each other. 2,106 more words

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They say you were something in those formative years/hold on to nothing as fast as you can

How are you supposed to feel when someone dies who was very important to you for a very short time very long ago? It seems like I shouldn’t be allowed to be as sad as I am. 1,175 more words

#815 "I failed, big-time, a few years ago, and even though I've bounced back it's still affecting my self-confidence."

Ahoy Captain,
I was hoping you could give me some scripts for internal use only.

A few years ago I was in medical school in city A. 969 more words

Overthinking It

#814: "You're not doing anything wrong, but stop it!"

If this blog were a child it would be a five-year-old today, and I would buy it Star Wars action figures and a bake it a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting in my mom’s old Mickey Mouse-shaped pans. 2,558 more words

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