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I'll be at the 19th hole, drinking to forget.

plural noun
1. Nervousness or tension that causes an athlete to fail to perform effectively, especially in missing short putts in golf. – The Free Dictionary… 1,157 more words

A To Z Challenge

#693: When should I trust relationship advice and when should I trust my gut?

Hi Captain!

This isn’t anything serious but I thought you would have some great advice or direction.

My ex and I are seeing each other again. 1,485 more words

Reader Questions

The ABCs of Cleaning

“They’re due here in twenty minutes, how’s the tidying going?”

“And…. done!”

“Really, wow, OK, so if you just go and… wait, have you hoovered?” 307 more words

Overthinking It

Blocked by the Gatekeeper.

“Where are we going?”

“You see this gate? We need to be the other side of it”.

“But the gate’s locked…”

“That does seem to be the crux of our predicament. 164 more words

Overthinking It

Sinister Lefty Types

“Wait, you’re left-handed?”

“Yes… we’ve been bowling for twenty minutes and you’ve only just noticed?”

“What can I say, the view of you walking away left me kind of distracted”. 242 more words

Overthinking It

Ninja Equality

“Wake up. I can’t move my neck. I think something’s happened to it, it’s gone all stiff.”

“Look, save your overly obvious innuendo set-ups for when I’m awake.” 251 more words

Overthinking It

Pillow Fight

“You stole my pillow!”.

“I did not steal your pillow”

I may have stolen my girlfriend’s pillow.

Now we’re a loving couple, so we share most things. 328 more words

Overthinking It