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The Evil of Broccoli and How You Can Fight It

Broccoli is evil.

Given half a chance, the “humble” broccoli would kill all life on planet Earth. And we humans are the only force standing between it and victory. 260 more words

Overthinking It

It's Like a Party in My House, and Everyone's Invited

As a younger man I used to have many a house party. Of course I use “man” here in the loosest sense of the word. 532 more words

Overthinking It

#670: Dudes who "just don't form emotional attachments."

Hello Captain!

Here’s a few things about me to help you understand my story. I am 23, a virgin, and have never had a romantic relationship with a man besides a date. 1,595 more words

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#664, #665, #666, and #667: Four Questions From People Who Are Basically Fine

The Goat Lady, who sorts my inbox, kindly created a tag called “low intensity” for questions such as these.

Dear Captain,

I am in a fairly recent relationship with a wonderful man I’ve been infatuated with for years (…on and off – we weren’t Firthing!). 2,611 more words

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Love is a Charizard

“Love is a Charizard”.


“You heard me, love is a Charizard. You used to collect Pokémon cards, right?”

“Of course, I still have a bunch under my bed.” 512 more words

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Radio - Someone Still Loathes You

I’m not entirely sure where people hear about the latest music. I get judged on regular basis for mistakes like confusing Iggy Azalea with Azealia Banks, or commenting that Lorde sound completely different since their Eurovision hit… 454 more words

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The Burden of Being a Beard-Bearer

Many of you may have noticed I have a beard. Or ‘fiancée’ as she prefers to known.

But in addition to that I also have hair growing out of my face. 441 more words

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