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#920: "I have trouble forming or expressing opinions and it's bugging my partner."

Dear Cap’n Awkward!

I have a weird one, I’m hoping you might have some insight. I had a not great childhood, a turbulent teenagehood, and then spent my entire 20s with an abusive husband and a major drug problem. 1,065 more words

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Overthinking It - Music and Time

When we listen to music, I feel like our time perception changes. We no longer think in minutes and hours, but rather in song lengths, verses, choruses and bars. 32 more words


#913: "You don't have to quit your day job right this second to follow a creative dream."

Dear Captain,

I’m in my early 30’s. Having spent my 20’s doing the ‘right’ things (college -> law school -> office job), I have now recognised what was clear all along, namely that this is not for me at all, and that maybe that’s okay. 1,270 more words

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Overthinking It - Just Get Over It

Really? How much does it actually matter? We’re smaller than bacteria in this massive universe. Your tiny life problems will not make a difference. No, there isn’t all the time in the world. 54 more words

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#911: "People keep asking for my crush's info, and it pisses me off."

Hey Cap,

I have a really close friendship with “Nathan”, who I’m also In Love With. We met on Twitter and talk throughout the day most days, and a long-standing online friendship and flirtation turned into a close offline friendship and flirtation and a gradual but big escalation of my feelings. 898 more words

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"The Federation is an act of war": Knowledge and Violence in Star Trek

Last month was Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, so I made a video essay looking at Star Trek through the lens of postcolonial theory, asking the question, is the  453 more words


#910: "I ghosted on my counselor. Should I apologize?"

Dear Captain Awkward:

The academic institution where I work has a counseling center, and offers appointments for staff members at a slightly discounted rate (they’re open for the public, not just people connected to my institution). 787 more words