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#913: "You don't have to quit your day job right this second to follow a creative dream."

Dear Captain,

I’m in my early 30’s. Having spent my 20’s doing the ‘right’ things (college -> law school -> office job), I have now recognised what was clear all along, namely that this is not for me at all, and that maybe that’s okay. 1,270 more words

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Overthinking It - Just Get Over It

Really? How much does it actually matter? We’re smaller than bacteria in this massive universe. Your tiny life problems will not make a difference. No, there isn’t all the time in the world. 54 more words

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#911: "People keep asking for my crush's info, and it pisses me off."

Hey Cap,

I have a really close friendship with “Nathan”, who I’m also In Love With. We met on Twitter and talk throughout the day most days, and a long-standing online friendship and flirtation turned into a close offline friendship and flirtation and a gradual but big escalation of my feelings. 898 more words

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"The Federation is an act of war": Knowledge and Violence in Star Trek

Last month was Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, so I made a video essay looking at Star Trek through the lens of postcolonial theory, asking the question, is the  453 more words


#910: "I ghosted on my counselor. Should I apologize?"

Dear Captain Awkward:

The academic institution where I work has a counseling center, and offers appointments for staff members at a slightly discounted rate (they’re open for the public, not just people connected to my institution). 787 more words


It Came From The Search Terms: September Morn

Every month (thanks to nice Patreon supporters!) we examine the things that people typed into search engines to find this place.

1. “My bf is younger to me by two years and is half bald..but still he criticizes my looks.” 1,315 more words


#906: "Anxious that my mom might try to connect me with an old schoolmate."

Hi Captain,

I realize my problem isn’t as serious as other letters you’ve answered, but I figured I should try writing anyway since I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it. 896 more words

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