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#760 & 761: "Housemates: Can't live with 'em, can't fix 'em."

Hurricane Joaquin…everybody ok so far? Be okay.


My wife (Carole) and I (Clark) have four children and share our home with a childless couple (John & Priscilla) who I met in college. 2,529 more words

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Hi Captain,

So I just started officially dating this really sweet guy, and it’s been going really well! However, he is a huge runner and usually runs every night. 600 more words


#751: The post-wedding blues

Dear Capt. and Company,

This is a post-party wedding question, at least on the surface. The outline: asked friend M to be a bridesmaid in late 2013, wedding was this June. 1,372 more words

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#727: Fade out or flame out?

Ahoy there Captain!

So, there’s this super awkward couple that my gentleman and I are both acquainted with through a Meetup group I used to run. 825 more words

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#711: Is it rude or wrong to invite myself to someone's house?

Dear Captain Awkward,

I was recently called out for inviting myself over to my friend’s home to show off my new bike. It didn’t occur to me that that was what I was doing, I was just excited, don’t get to see her much, and the bike shop is close to her home. 2,618 more words


Summer Wardrobe

“Why don’t you get a summer wardrobe?”

“I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“It’s incredibly hot out, aren’t you going to get, well, incredibly hot?”

“A slightly warmer day is no excuse for me to inflict my legs on the capital, thank you very much.” 203 more words

Overthinking It

I'll be at the 19th hole, drinking to forget.

plural noun
1. Nervousness or tension that causes an athlete to fail to perform effectively, especially in missing short putts in golf. – The Free Dictionary… 1,157 more words

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