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#856: "Let's totally do that thing together....sometime." (Time, Planning, & Boundaries)

Greetings, Captain!

Long-time lurker checking in with a relationship problem. My boyfriend and I (she/her pronouns) have a lot of different interests. Which is fine! Not all my stuff is his cup of coffee! 1,733 more words

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#855: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome And Accessing Mental Health Support

Dear Cap,

I recently graduated as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). The entire time I was in school I always felt that I didn’t deserve the grades I got, that I wasn’t trying hard enough, and didn’t know enough. 1,468 more words

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#850: Grad school and emotional labor and Mike

Dear Captain,

I’m (cis-woman) in a graduate program and I’ve got this friend (cis-man), who’s also in school, but an undergrad. We are both a bit older than the rest of our classmates, in our mid-30s. 1,336 more words

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Fairy Tales Deconstructed, Part 1

The moral of The 3 Little Pigs is basically: Even if you don’t let strangers into your house, they’ll still hunt you down and harass you, so you have to murder them.


Movie Music Magic

The topic chosen this week was movies with soundtracks that were better than the film itself.

OK. confession time. I’m not exactly sure I should admit this… I’ve spent years building a reputation. 460 more words

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#839: "What do I owe Darth?"

Hello Captain Awkward and Crew,

I seem to have gotten myself in a situation that i can’t get myself out of. I (woman long out of high school, mature and self supportive in all areas except this one) have been with the same guy for about 8 years now. 1,016 more words


How Stories Beat The Scientist Out of Me

As a kid I loved science. I used to carry a Dorling Kindersley encyclopaedia everywhere I went and read it obsessively. It showed me how the world worked. 585 more words

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