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Chronicles of Anxiety Girl : Day 9

I’m just a kind soul. A kind of soul that’s been hell and see the darkest of times but the type of soul that choose good and positivity. 397 more words

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I Think Too Much

I think too much. That’s my problem.

I think too much on how to solve it.

The thing about my thinking problem,

The solution- I won’t acknowledge. 16 more words


We're In This Together. Having A Strong Support System Means Everything.

Having a Mental Illness can be draining, exhausting, and make you believe things that aren’t true. An individual can become withdrawn, hold things in, and resort to destructive habits that will only hurt them down the road. 231 more words

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You Are Worth It...❤

Have you ever felt like everything around you is slowly crumbling and then swiftly turning to ashes? Have you ever felt like all the things that you can imagine to go wrong in your life is actually going wrong? 657 more words

Chronicles of Anxiety Girl : Day 8

Instead of worrying about things, you can take control of your life and be a warrior and stare Anxiety in the face and tell it not today. 312 more words

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Battling Overthinking. What To Do & How To Combat It?

So, what is overthinking? It is the art of creating problems, situations, and other problems that we come to face to face with. It is something that many battle, I overthink situations to the point that it causes me Anxiety and I’m anxious to do anything. 599 more words

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“Relax, Tim, don’t think about it so much”

In my previous blog post, I gave a detailed illustration of how my mind generally works to try to explain why I sometimes talk to myself. 1,371 more words

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