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Every time she spoke the society shut her up!

The Gypsy

Random Thought

Always Overthinking....

One of the many things that people with Asperger’s do is overthink things, sometimes over analyze until we worry so much that our anxieties take over, even though sometimes it makes us have panic attacks sometimes we are right about what we fear or worry over. 381 more words

Heart Ache

You’re always on my mind,
I told you how I feel.
I won’t say anymore,
even if it kills.
All I want to know is, 18 more words



Have you ever met someone only to realise they’re the missing part of you; the sliver you’ve been awaiting to perfect your own entire existence? 110 more words

Quick fix or kidding yourself?

Why is it that we think removing somebody from our lives makes them easily forgotten about when they’ve been such a big part for so long? 126 more words

Non-meshing Moments

I’ve had this particular blog a year now. Another Thanksgiving is soon to be upon us. A lot has changed since last Thanksgiving. But some things haven’t. 643 more words