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Night Thoughts

Have you ever feel that moment when all you wanted was to keep silent and be alone? Or you just want to shut down and forget everything? 370 more words


Of triggers, traumas and taking control

There’s been a lot of talk on the interwebs of late about trigger warnings. What are they, who needs them, should we have them everywhere or nowhere, what good do they do? 1,811 more words

what am i doing

I fucked up. I think. Maybe. I mean, I am probably just over thinking it.

I hooked up with trey last night. I’ve hung out with him several times since the break up. 306 more words


What Is Happening To Me?

“Why does it always happen to me?”
“What have I done to deserve this?”
“I’m worthless!”
“I’m not a deserving candidate.”

Doesn’t this remind you of something? 477 more words

Why I can never get anything done

If an evil scientist took a chainsaw to my skull she’d be in for a nasty surprise. Out would leap a kind of pixie-gremlin cross – a grixie if you will – to make it impossible for this evil scientist to ever get anything done again. 1,427 more words



At least have the decency not to
kiss me like I’m the only one.
Irreplacable are her lips that
run around your mind
each time yours are on mine. 44 more words

8 Signs that You Overthink Everything

Or maybe should the title be, “When you think yourself out of everything”?


Do you overthinking things? Just a little? I thought so.

This post is a helpful guide to understanding how much you overthink things. 118 more words