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It's Hard To Tell

It’s hard to tell when somebody is hurting.
When their bones are breaking, their body shaking.

It’s hard to tell when enough is enough.
When someone no longer has the strength to not give up. 308 more words


I struggle with  overthinking everyday. About little things mostly. Like if I should have said something different in the conversation I just had, if I’m being awkward, or if I’m doing enough yoga & drinking enough tea. 281 more words

I survived again

I stared at the blank wall as nothing existed but myself. I could hear my boyfriend’s breathing behind me, but it was so far, far away. 203 more words



I’ve never been a confident person, ever! It’s so hard for me to feel comfortable with myself when I’m around new people or even with people I’ve known years. 218 more words


Quiet Ones

“I remember you. You hardly said anything in class. Why are you so quiet? You should speak up more”. This recently came from a professor I had years ago. 396 more words

The More I Think, The More I Bleed 

Poet – Namita Unnmuktaa

Now only create Scars.
The more I Think,

The more I Bleed.

You left me Open

With Warts.

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Anti-Anti-Intellectualism: Why It's Critical to Think Critically about Culture

In an interview with Electric Literature about his book, Better Living Through Criticism, A.O. Scott talks briefly about anti-intellectualism in the United States:

There is, in the United States, a tradition of suspicion and mistrust of experts.

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