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The Overthinker

That’s me. Like crap I overthink like crazy – i hate it. Someone comments on a post boom instantly pops up on that and starts thinking of some reply back. 163 more words

Brain Posts

Taking a turn?..

Hey everyone!

I’m very sorry for my lack of posts lately; its getting to the end of the year and so that means I’m getting busier and busier! 233 more words



Hi there, its been awhile since I wrote a post.

Been busy with holidays and work.


Back at work, I’m just looking around and I like to think I get on with the majority of people. 167 more words

Overthinking shampoo

“You’ve been shampooing the wrong way your whole life”- these articles are too much for me to handle. Articles like this have been popping up all over the place, and though they pick at my curiosity, I have never clicked on this particular subject of how-to write ups. 414 more words


The beginning

When: 3pm

Where: University library

Currently: Procrastinating my assignments and deciding whether I should be witty or straight up in my blog posts, maybe both. 253 more words


Reasons to Write

Writing my first novel (whilst teaching full time and raising a family!) is taking up lots of my precious spare time. ¬†However, I don’t begrudge the loss of ‘down time’ as surely I would be washing up, ironing school uniform or zoning out in front of the telly? ¬† 503 more words