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What is this feeling I am feeling inside?

its like a void, an emptiness that I cannot hide –

you can see it in my face, the way I express this emotion… 283 more words



She wants pancakes this morning.

Of all the concoctions breakfast has to offer, I find pancakes the most objectionable. Arguments about the health benefits of the meal go out the window when the word “cake” becomes entangled in the discussion. 548 more words


Overthinking Jazz Players

You could say that Jazz players who improvise with one melodic idea are over thinkers. Let us call it a ‘thought’ rather then an ‘idea’ for the sake of the argument. 95 more words

the game

played inscrutably
is often mistaken
for living

eyes wide shut
we play without

the trudging
of our life-steps

for dancing


…I am condemned to be free. This means that no limits to my freedom can be found except freedom itself, or if you prefer, that we are not free to cease being free.

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I'm Okay

I can hear thunder and your tears.
I can hear the rustle of your gown
slipping through my hands,
while you pretend to walk away. 303 more words


You have imagined sanctuaries but you likely have imagined something other than what your soul needs. You believe you need to get away from your life to some deserted island before you can get some peace and rest, but you can also do that by diving deeper into your own life. 796 more words

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