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Think Body Image Isn't A Big Problem? Think Again.

Admit it, when you’re at the store and waiting in the line, you look at the magazines while waiting your turn. You look at the beautiful, talented, famous people plastered on the pages and in your mind you start thinking about your body, looks, and how people see you and most importantly how you see yourself. 579 more words

Mental Health

Uniform Problems..

Right now I have no idea how to word this so this post might not make much sense to anybody but me.

While enrolling for my college course last week, when asked about uniform I opted for the female salon uniform and explained to the tutor that I’m currently going through transition. 314 more words


Sometimes We Just Need a Little Screw

I believe in the power of symbols, so this little guy made quite a statement for me this weekend.

I’ve been anxious over some female health issues lately, with not knowing what to expect or what’s wrong (hence, yesterday’s MRI). 365 more words


Overthinking about overthinking

Yeah I know! IT is a vicious cycle. But I got myself into it some how. Well of course I did. I started to question the motivation for me learning guitar. 395 more words


Saat saya sedang dalam fase depresi 2 tahun lalu, selain insomnia, saya juga mengalami mimpi buruk setiap saat saya (bisa) tidur.

Sekarang, saya jarang mimpi buruk. 588 more words

Curhat Session

Just Live

Just live like I was before I met him until it’s that time again.

It shouldn’t be that hard honestly. But the overthinking is really making it difficult. 19 more words


One of those moods..

You know those moods you have when you’re tired, but you can’t sleep, you have a bubbly feeling in your belly and you’re not 100% sure why? 524 more words