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The Art of Overthinking...

When you’re bipolar and you have OCD you tend to overthink things. And then I say things I mean everything. Every action, every word, every facial expression anyone around you makes is over analyzed and broken down. 122 more words


The road to excess

I was actually asked to apply for an art thing the other day. The last thing I applied for turned out to be a complete con and the job had not only already been earmarked for someone but, to add insult to injury, it was highly likely that a person who was supposed to have my back was actually aiding the person who got the job to stitch up the competition, including me. 715 more words


Over Thinking

Last week I was having writer’s block with my main character, Olivia Blake, in my book Killer Therapy (working title). I was writing a therapy session where she was trying to get a client to open up to her, and I couldn’t figure out what she would say. 421 more words

First Hand Account


Translation of the beginning of Hippocrates’ “Aphorismi”, as inscribed on the walls of Harvard Medical School (for easier reading: “Life is short | And the art long | The occasion instant | Experiment perilous | Decision difficult”). 35 more words


Loop of Thoughts

As an overthinker, it’s hard to let go. Thoughts that should be thought about only once, keep coming back in an endless loop in my mind. 135 more words

The Daily Post


Okay, I didn’t know whether or not to post this because

  1. It’s different
  2. People might not understand
  3. I’m literally telling you all my thoughts and feelings…
  4. 636 more words

She's Just A FriendĀ 

Is she though ? Then why do I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the heart every time you mention her name. Should your partners “friends” make you feel that way ? 452 more words