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Staying Educated

I have learned something quite cool recently; something that doesn’t take any money or much energy to help me out. When you are feeling lost, in-between, or far-away, … 1,629 more words

Sometimes We're not Always Sure

Look at this picture and tell me, what do you see? Is it black and white but altered to make that one rose white or is it actually all black roses with one white one? 269 more words

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Advent 2017: silence and joy

The only thing we can really do in the yard for very short periods of time. But look at the joy on his face! And look at the shed which the neighbors’ landlord has failed to repair. 1,023 more words


#118. Poetry? (Poem)

I think I’d be foolish to say I write poetry,

When all my poems are full of rhymes,

I wonder if they’re even worth a dime.

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Don’t Overthink Life — Orlando Espinosa

Have faith in the process and don’t overthink life!

via Don’t Overthink Life — Orlando Espinosa

“Stop thinking, and end your problems.” – Lao Tzu…

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Complicate Simplicity

The ability to think is a pendulum swing; sometimes we think too little about the uncertainty; sometimes we just think too much about it. The stationary point exists when all are settled. 443 more words

Daily News

Keputusan Irasional Saya tentang Air Kangen

Well, aku anak pangan yang sempat belajar tentang regulasi dan biokimia pangan sehingga bisa ngerti-ngerti betapa tidak valid-nya klaim air kangen ini. Tapi, Ibuku jualan air kangen. 134 more words