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To think I’m doing nothing but disintegrating, at this point, over something that has muscled me up, is capricious in the most futile sense. Shit happens, and nothing is ever going to stop it from adding anxiety in that repetitive restlessness under my blanket, and I accept that more truly than my own capabilities, but to be writhing like this makes me… 178 more words


Dear mind, It's 2am.

I started writing this in the midnight as I had a flash of memory that usually comes up just before I sleep. How I wish it was a pleasant one. 1,003 more words



I use to think that if I half way did Your will You will still bless me with everything I needed. But that’s not the case at all. 213 more words

10 Common Thought Distortions and How to Learn to Change Your Mind

Changing your mind happens one thought at a time


Your thoughts.

In recovery they are your friends. But some days… well, your thoughts can become an intimate enemy. 1,118 more words

Mental Health

The Not-So-Great Depression

The Great Depression. No, not the economic catastrophe from the 1930’s, I mean the catastrophe in your head. I probably don’t have to explain what depression is, but I’ll tell you it’s an awful feeling. 919 more words

Shut every window and door
flip latches, draw curtains
make sure no one is near
disconnect the webcam
turn the mirror away
Change quick
don’t pause or hesitate…
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Thinking too Much

Many will think that when true love comes, you should always accept it with open arms. That’s how I want to think too… If only it was that simple. 288 more words