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Over Thinking About Tattoos.

I’m not sure why I have been thinking about tattoos so much lately. It may be the result of binge watching Craig Ferguson’s Late Late show on Youtube. 1,159 more words

Self Reflection

Negativity - It’s all in your head

You can’t do it.. it’s all in your head

You’re not good enough.. it’s all in your head

You’re not worthy.. it’s all in your head… 184 more words


EPISODE 10. Back to college....(All about exams)

That gives me the all of chills. I’ don’t know, probably beacause I get that flashback about all the stress, than, hating myself beacuse of procrastinating….. 196 more words

Overthink Wars

An Honest Blog.

Can I be honest?

I’m sorry blog that once again I’ve been negligent. There has been so much… emotions, feelings, and thoughts that I’ve been feeling. 1,138 more words

I hate this.

So I am having an issue that involves sexuality. I had a boyfriend who I very much loved and cared about but once the newness of the relationship wore off (when we first got together and then again after I broke up with him the first time) I found myself to not be very attracted to him at all. 1,260 more words

Why You Overthink and How You Can Handle It!

I drive myself crazy!

I overthink and then I spin myself into a bottomless pit. Creating the worst case scenarios. My friend didn’t text me back. 649 more words

Every Day Life

Public Transportation and why I hate it

Don’t get me wrong, I think public transportation is very important and a good thing overall. And yes, I’m privileged to be able to use buses and trains instead of walking to school every day. 195 more words