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Operation Machine and Supreme Justice Scalia Family

How one man running all of Intelligence, Military, cyber, and combined efforts of Mind kind would most likely look like


BURN! (1969) movie review.

When guns and the suppressed collapse, you get chaos. But would it really count as chaos if it’s already a chaotic country? That’s how we should look at the movie Burn!, where the white “supremacy” gets trampled by their suppressed once they are given a little freedom. 1,270 more words

Personal Writing


Sophia will enlist the help of her fellow lords to help find her mate, Colin. She had been betrayed by one of her own and needed help.

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Thoughts On Books

Divided We Stand

Notebook Of Professor Flamear, Twilight Force Mission Day 30

I will not stay here. I will never stop trying to get home.

Mrs. Ichnida is the only one I trust. 232 more words

Science Fiction

Provisional Government promoting Nupepa Kuokoa Puka La, 1893.

“Ka Leo o ka Lahui,” Hon. J. E. Bush’s daily, is now under the management of Hon. Joseph Nawahi, of Hilo, Hawaii. 60 more words

English Newspaper

MASSIVE NEWS: "Google [INVOLVED IN TERRORISM] employees plotted with Antifa... to overthrow President Trump"

“Earlier this week, former Google employee James Damore filed a lawsuit against his former employer, alleging that Google discriminates against conservatives, heterosexuals, whites and males. The lawsuit brings to light several shocking revelations about how the company treats employees that don’t subscribe to the left wing progressive agenda… 111 more words


The day will come..., 1893.


To all beloved makaainana of the alii, Queen Liliuokalani, let it be known to all of you. The state of the Nation at this time, is under the administration of the provisional government by the reformist party , and military law is proclaimed by the new ministers of the provisional Government, that is: 94 more words