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Poseidon Engulfed


from a kelp-strangled stupor

the mermaids


ascended in leagues

of their own


of Triton’s reign

lyrically disgruntled

(not crotchety old-man grumpy)

they trump-eted… 42 more words

The Take Down; a Kingdom of Kings

Our enemies lie

They lie beside us.

Our victors left

They left us with the duty

To be victorious

is to become notorious

and condemned in the eyes of oppressors. 108 more words


The U.S. and U.K. Helped Overthrow Gaddafi – This is Libya Now

By Darius Shahtahmasebi of The Anti-Media

According to UNICEF, women and children fleeing Libya for Europe are being beaten, raped, and starved in “living hellholes” in Libya, as reported by the Guardian. 694 more words

Daily News


Morning Thought: Your eyes are like a lantern, enabling you to see. This light keeps you from stumbling in the world’s darkness. But if you let your light be smothered with lust, you will not be able to see. 110 more words

Morning Thought

The First U.S. President Ever to Try to Topple His Successor?

Editor’s Note; This is the Muslim Brotherhood, the Nazis – Vatican and Mossad – Khazar Zionists, the Bilderberg Group, or to use that ever present fractal that expands in ever increasing increments, Herod, Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas  26 more words


Bonnie Burton - GUILTY

An earlier tweet, January 30th, by supposed-comedian Bonnie Burton shows that she supports an overthrow or assassination of the legitimately elected President of the United States simply because he won. 181 more words


When the axe falls
To spill your pudding
All that bullshit you spew
Will puddle in your pants
Like the baby you are

With joy in our hearts… 52 more words