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Did someone call a Doctor?

Poster I made influenced by the game Overwatch

Inspired by the images from Blizzard via Overwatch


The true enemy of humanity is disorder.

Wallpaper I made influenced from the game Overwatch

Inspired by the images from Blizzard via Overwatch


Torbjörn the Lifesaver

This was a really pleasant surprise play of the game in competitive, especially with that “Lifesaver” tagline.

I’d put my turret up on the roof by the payload, Symmetra had her turrets up, and I added the dps needed to finish off the poor enemy Rein before he could grab hold of my partner “Thebigmikey” or our tank.


Fan Art

Eleven from “Stranger Things”


Melanie Martinez – “Sippy Cup”

Junkrat from Overwatch

Roadhog and Runkrat from Overwatch

Neko Atsume

Peridot from “Steven Universe”


I'm Sorry, How Much?

…nah, you’re alright!

I am a bit partial to a bit of first person shooter action – late night binges on ‘Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2’ and have a full group for ‘Battlefield Bad Company’, I like to think I have done my best to support the genre. 381 more words


You can now stream any Blizzard game live on Facebook | ESIST

Starting 8/26/2016  the live-streaming capability will be available in every Blizzard game in the Americas, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, with a complete global rollout expected “soon.” It’s currently only available to PC gamers, but Mac support is also in the works. 49 more words


Making Awesome a Challenge: Overwatch VS Warframe

I was playing Mercy in Overwatch, and I couldn’t help but notice how fun it was. Gliding from trouble spot to trouble spot, healing people up, nimbly dodging enemy fire, it’s an amazing experience and certainly not what one would expect from a healer. 482 more words