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Good Games Podcast: Episode 173: In With the Old and the New Too


Frank and Alex discuss the ongoing adventures in Cuphead, the fizzling drive to continue playing Destiny 2, getting good with Street Fighter V… 161 more words


Overwatch fans never got over this Swiss Witch

Its that time of year, you know the Halloween Terror, that time of year when the Overwatch Players pretend not to gawk at the Mercy screen and feign they are not perving on her. 138 more words


Overwatch League: New Trademark Filing Suggests Potential Name for Team Seoul

A Reddit user spotted something interesting on the Korean intellectual property scene which may provide clues to the yet-to-be-announced official name for Team Seoul in the upcoming Overwatch League (OWL). 238 more words


A Eulogy for Esports

The usual course of action when someone opens an article like this is to hearken back to their fondest memory. In my case, when it comes to esports, I don’t have a singular fond memory that makes me go “That’s it. 1,149 more words


How to rank up as tank?

I am really struggling currently in low silver and just wanted some tips or advice from anyone who has broken out of silver as tank. 899 more words


My thoughts on the possible Original Mercy Design

I saw the possible designs for the original Mercy come up online a few days a go and some of the comments about him have kinda pissed me off. 143 more words


5 Tips to Improve your Performance in Overwatch Competitive

If you’re looking to improve your gameplay and climb higher in Overwatch Competitive you should read this!

Hi guys!

My name is MrsVulgrim, I play… 647 more words