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'Overwatch' will run entirely on Blizzard's dedicated servers

It seems you won’t be playing Overwatch at a LAN party. While Blizzard are working on doing their best to minimise any ping issues, looking at regions and IPs, Overwatch will run exclusively on Blizzard servers.  147 more words



I’m not sure if you all watched Blizzcon last year, but my favorite part was the new game announcement called ‘Overwatch’. Essentially the team who were working on ‘Project Titan’ ended up with a different title than originally intended. 309 more words


Get excited for Overwatch - Newest Member of the Blizzard Game Squad

I will admit to being somewhat of an RPG fairy. Meaning I like going on quests and saving the world in a peaceful-esque way (a little poison, say a bazillion arrows and… 304 more words


Overwatch Adds Two New Characters - Some Tru-Blu Aussies

Blizzard’s new Class-Based Shooter OVERWATCH has released some brand new characters, who happen to be some Australians, and let’s be honest here, they’re pretty close to real life. 294 more words


New Overwatch heroes introduced

Junkrat and Roadhog. described as lunatic duo, are revealed and introduced as the newest members of Overwatch lineup. 147 more words


Blizzard Introduces Two More Overwatch Characters

I rather like what Blizzard is doing with the forthcoming Overwatch, an online shooter. Yes, online multiplayer generally isn’t my thing, and I’m guessing this is a PC-only thing (it’s listed for both Windows and OS X), but it still has my attention. 103 more words


Two new 'Overwatch' heroes teased

The latest “heroes” to join Overwatch’s smorgasbord roster don’t seem very heroic at all. In fact, the duo of Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes and Mako “Roadhog” Rutledge are two of the most notorious criminals in the world, whose ongoing crime spree causes death and destruction wherever they go. 76 more words