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Storm the Dorm!

Hello again, my fellow esports fans! It has been a very lively week due to the big Heroes of the Storm tournament, Heroes of the Dorm. 1,329 more words


The Road to Blizzcon: Part 1

Today marks a fascinating occasion. For the first time ever, I will be attending Blizzcon! I really enjoy about half of Blizzard’s games. I don’t care for WoW too much (MMOs just aren’t my thing) and I really didn’t like Diablo. 195 more words

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April Fools at Blizzard – 2015

The date is upon us, the usual suspects are out complaining about it or feeling the need to warn people (just in case you’ve never run across the phenomena before I guess), and so we have another in an ongoing series of posts about April Fools and Blizzard.  469 more words


It Is Impossible for Game Designers to Deliver Their Promises

Prompted by a Psychochild blog in a blog post last week Tobold asked for games designers using Kickstarter to should stop selling cheap visions and focus on doing the hard work and delivering the product with the features they announced when doing the fundraising. 342 more words


Hands on with Overwatch

A little delayed, but a couple weeks ago I had the great opportunity to be at PAX East. It was my very first PAX ever, and while I’ve been to New York Comic Con and Fan Expo, I was absolutely astonished by this convention. 302 more words


Widowmaker FanArt!! by NeoArtCorE

Fan art from the upcoming overwatch game from blizzard. the frame is very interesting as it makes the character stick out and makes the piece look like a playing card.