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Beep boop- OVERWATCH Orisa Impressions

I love robots, as evidenced by most of my gamer tags over the years featuring an allusion to them. Robotgirl. Robotsandcake. I adored the now defunct Real Robots magazine, its buildable mascot, Cybot, and all the playable robot characters in Overwatch number amongst my favourites (except you, Bastion). 890 more words


Tracer cosplay by Jessica Nigri

From the game Overwatch

Hello guys ! I’m sorry for taking a break of 3 days, I went visiting a ton of stuff with a friend & was to busy to update the mag… but I’m back now :)


Overwatch: New totally viable Orisa tech discovered


Game: Overwatch
Category: Humour
Beauty: 9/10
Opponents Skill: N/A


Orisa is quickly becoming one a popular Overwatch character for competitive and casual players. Her kit is versatile, easy to use, and inherent tankiness always helps pad players survivability if mobility isn’t their strong suit. 52 more words

Overtime - Ep 35 - Gotta Go Fast

It’s time for Overtime! This week we cover:
Orisa is Live
Patch notes
more patch notes
And more!
Follow Overtime on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OW_Overtime
and email questions to owovertime@gmail.com… 61 more words


Blizzard is testing big changes for Overwatch's Lúcio

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan mentioned earlier this week in an impromptu Reddit AMA that Blizzard had some changes in mind for the support hero Lúcio. 540 more words


Overwatch's Anti-Abuse System Is Getting An Overhaul

(Source: kotaku.com)

In competitive games, a handful of bad eggs can stink up the whole basket. Even Overwatch, a shooter designed with teamwork and a degree of positivity in mind, can’t dunk them directly into the trash fast enough. 392 more words


'Overwatch' Hero "Orisa" Now Available Across Console And PC

Omnic mech unit Orisa is available across the console and PC versions of Overwatch, but not yet ready for competitive play. 230 more words