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Stage 2

We have entered into Stage 2 of the season leading up to Playoffs.

If you didn’t know, there are 4 stages to the season. Each of these is 5 weeks long with title matches for that stage at the end. 121 more words


Blizzard, if you're going to put me in a skirmish game, only take me out of said game to put me into a match.

Not another skirmish, or back to the menu, it just feels pointless. /Rant over

Submitted February 19, 2018 at 05:16AM by Carni-4 http://ift.tt/2FdDaPL


We all love a good rant but what are your most positive experiences with the player-base?

Rants about toxicity can be really cathartic to read and write but I think it’s important to remember the times complete strangers have gone above and beyond to help out new players. 771 more words


OW - Highlight - Mercy Assisted Death

Another round with Pandagosa where we watch mayhem in the form of angry Rein as I keep him alive to get his POTG.

The POTG export didn’t turn out that great since he was up in everyone’s faces but you can still see the beautiful destruction from my point of view.



Six Stack: Six Predictions for Stage 2 of the Overwatch League

1. Return of Dive 1.0 Equals More Enjoyable Viewing

The nerfing of Mercy leads to the return of the classic 2/2/2 composition that relies heavily on aggressive, quick burst team fights. 718 more words


OW - QP - Moira on Route 66

Time to try out Moira for my first time in quick play. I’m still not sure why when playing OW my own mic isn’t picked up well when it’s picked up well elsewhere. 188 more words


Germany Close to Banning Loot Boxes

In the third such case in as many months, Germany joins the fray in debating whether loot boxes in video games constitute gambling. A new study conducted by the University of Hamburg has revived the conversation for the German Youth Association. 179 more words