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Monster Boyfriends (16)

Title: Monster Boyfriends
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Pairings: Reaper | Gabriel Reyes/Soldier: 76 | Jack Morrison
Rating: E
Warning: Cow!Jack, Bull!Gabriel, Lactation, First Time, Fluff, Violence, Death, Blood, Fisting, Sex with and Audience, don’t worry some of these are not related lol 6 more words


eSports: Yikes! rebrands as Arc6

Yikes! announced last night they’re officially changing their name to Arc6, and will compete in today’s Contenders matches under the new name and logo. 93 more words


Gamer Pride 2017

Happy Pride Day 2017!

This is a bit of a niche post, but it was something I wanted to at least mention. Today, in New York City, is the 46th annual Pride Parade, a day to celebrate our differences and our similarities, and a time for members of the LGBT community and allies to demonstrate support of equal rights for everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. 808 more words

Video Games

Kupory Short- New Hero?

Winston: So Mr….Saitama, is it? What makes you think you’ll be a valuable hero for Overwatch?

Saitama: I can punch well.

Winston: ….

Saitama: ….


Overwatch lootbox update

One of my favorite games right now is Overwatch, when you enter Overwatch you know you are in for a blast. Overwatch progression system is kind of built on lootboxes where you can get new skins, emotes or victory poses, you can get them by winning seven arcade matches per week or leveling up, but you could also buy them with you’re real money so that you can look fresh when you play. 219 more words



I haven’t the strength
to even play Overwatch.
My world’s been shaken.


Starting again soon

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I blogged. Just been dealing with some stuff at home. I’ll be blogging again soon, maybe even as early as tomorrow.