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Overwatch Closed Beta Impressions: You Got MOBA in My Shooter

Last weekend, Blizzard let a bunch of people into the Overwatch closed beta for a stress test on their servers. With the game’s launch no more than seven months in the future, it might be a little early to tell what Overwatch will be like when the game is released to the public. 1,996 more words


Things I Didn't Expect from the Overwatch Beta Weekend...

I lucked out last weekend and got invited into the Overwatch stress test.  Overwatch is on my “games that might make me giddy” list so I was willing to sacrifice myself to help stress-test Blizzard’s servers. 1,114 more words


The Unserious Podcast Episode 2!

In the second episode of our podcast, we spoil the hell out of TellTale’s Game of Thrones and discuss our buck wild adventures in Fallout 4. 77 more words


Overwatch Beta Impressions

Over the years, Blizzard has made unexpected but successful forays into various genres outside of their historic areas of expertise starting off with the MMO space with World of Warcraft, then the digital TCG space with Hearthstone. 935 more words


Overwatch Thoughts

This weekend I was one of the lucky ones that was granted the privilege of participating in the Overwatch stress test.  While I didn’t get to play a lot, I played enough to tell that this is a game that I will be purchasing to play in the future.  486 more words


Overwatch & Um--No News?

I haven’t posted in a while and there are reasons for that, but more to that momentarily. There are bigger fish to fry:

OVERWATCH Stress Test Weekend… 869 more words

World Of Warcraft

Work your body move your mind

Today’s keywords: It’s Okay to Be Different

I never know how to feel about this issue. I agree with the basic sentiment. You should never be who other people want you to be, but rather who you yourself are and want to be. 1,695 more words