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Another One of THOSE Days

So today wasn’t a very good day. To be completely honest, it hasn’t been a good couple of months! I dealt with some grief from losing a loved one a few months ago (4 to be exact) and I’ve been off the rails since. 260 more words


8:30am - 2:00pm

I started feeling what I thought were the “effects” sometime around 10am.  A slight jittery feeling in my hands and an all over tingling type sensation.  208 more words


Super Metabolism Boost

I found this & it seems like the real deal. This 1 I am going to use it. I got all excited over this 1. I can’t wait to try it!

I'm 55 and Fat

Today, I started my journey with Contrave.  I think journaling will help me digest my thoughts on how I got here…55 and fat.  Having to take medication to help me lose this lifelong issue is a little disheartening, hopefully blogging my journey will help me see the light and how/where my life got this off track. 377 more words


My Journey with Contrave

Today I started the medication Contrave.  My hopes are to journal through the next 4 months to keep a diary of any side-effects that I may encounter and the overall effectiveness of the medication.  14 more words


Weight Loss Secret

I haven’t listen to this,but the woman seems to know her stuff,& so I figured she might have this going right. I like the way she teach’s…very helpful.

And So It Begins...

Hello + Welcome to my blog! My name is Lindsay and I’m trying to get healthy again. I’m a soon-to-be 31 year old woman from Ontario, Canada. 476 more words