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Do you ever ask your body what it wants to eat?

Yes in the supermarket while you are doing the weekly shop!  Ask your body whether it really wants to eat the things you just picked up off the shelf. 375 more words

Body Love

Weight Gain

I have fat on my body. It mainly likes to hang out on my thighs and belly. I don’t believe that my fat warrants me an obese BMI. 290 more words

Dear You

Day 1: No Regrets

Here I am for the millionth time stating that i’m on a journey to shed those pounds that I have gathered from these past few years of glorious feasting. 526 more words

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Week 4 weigh in.

I have lost 1.1kg this week, putting me at 104.7kg. I’m now lighter then I was prior to my last baby, and lighter then I was on my wedding day! 185 more words


A Fitness Challenge of a Different but Serious Kind

Today I have had to confront an uncomfortable truth.My beautiful, sensitive, intelligent, articulate child is an overweight child.

This is not my opinion, but a fact based on her BMI. 704 more words