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Time, not my friend

You know when you have stuff to do at work and there just isn’t any time? Yeah, that’s me today and all of next week. 101 more words


A lot of people

Have told me I’m too much

I’m aware. I have to live with me.

I see the intensity rise and fall like tides on the shore. 99 more words

There's Beauty in your Flaws

Sometimes I sit and think of all the things I could be doing differently and all the things that I find myself doing wrong. But the truth of the matter is that if I didn’t do the things I do or if I didn’t make the mistakes I’ve made I wouldn’t be the mother or person I am today. 367 more words

The Power of Self-Actualization: Part 2

Last week, we kicked off this blog season with:

” The Power of Self-Actualization”

This is a series of three installments that will give us an opportunity to dig deeper into the subject. 1,112 more words

Burnt Out

I have a husband and a child (which often amounts to having two children), we have pets, and a house, and a yard… oh and did I mention I work?  468 more words

The End In the Middle Of It All

When you get to the end in the middle of it all and there is still more, so much more, but it’ll be over soon, but you are so tired and you’ll regret this break tomorrow and the next day and over the weekend when you’re trying to get everything back running but right now. 51 more words