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“I could be so much better if I could only bring myself to care.”


I Lost 3 Minutes...& 16 lbs.

Have you ever lost something? I recently lost a little plastic box shaped like a flower, and in each petal we store my daughters tiny elastic hair bands. 1,084 more words

Problem Of Pain

Migraine, or whatever it is, hurts so bad that nausea sweeps in.

Five days of it, every three to five weeks, for, what, twenty years now? 528 more words

Slice Of My Life

Practicing What I Preach

Over the past year, I have shared little ways that make my life a bit easier, happier, and/or simpler. Also this past year, I finally had some free time in which I could write – I had recently finished my master’s degree, finished my professional licensing, and finished teaching a 1 credit college course. 941 more words

Adventures In...

Givers, Don’t Forget Your Worth

If you are a giver or thrive on the sense of accomplishment, often you may find you have developed such a willingness to help that you begin to overextend yourself.    550 more words

Self Mastery

Through the Windows

Frazzled, am I.

I’m working too hard. Not getting enough sleep. The fetid stench of coming
doom climbs in through my windows and pools unpleasantly on my floors. 23 more words


Losing Definition

A ton of just generalized stuff to do today. None of it storytelling.

While I am blessed to be writing for two sports blogs, I do wonder if I’m… 66 more words