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Overworking and Exhaustion Never Leads to Success

I’m so tired! How often a day do you find yourself making that statement? After all, exhaustion seems to be the new norm, right? If you’re not busy and tired at all hours of the day, then you can’t possibly be doing enough. 405 more words


The Need to Declutter

A number of unfortunate events led me into a steep depression for over a year. Death of loved ones, family turmoil, and significant stress factors caused me to go down this rabbit-hole. 660 more words


Love Your Business - Tasks

One of the biggest problems we have working in a small business is that we find ourselves so stuck in the weeds we can not see where we are going. 454 more words

Taking Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is hard sometimes.

I know I haven’t been doing well with it lately. Between working lots of overtime from home, taking care of my kid, writing here and for my Patreon, and doing various other necessary things, I have found myself forgetting to take care of my own basic necessities. 402 more words

L A canal view 4

Pencil and watercolour incl white on 320 gsm paper, 12 x 12″, Jan 27-28 2020


The Horse's Back

I feel restless and overwhelmed

I am the soldier that has taken too many hits to his helm

I just need a break, some time for me… 200 more words