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head crammed full of stuff,
body going on and on;
i am a zombie.

More Life Lessons from the Grocery Store

If I’ve learned anything from working in the grocery industry it’s that sometimes you have good days and sometimes you don’t. I mean, last Friday the workload wasn’t crazy, the team was on the ball, and we had most of the day’s responsibilities knocked out by early afternoon. 650 more words


How Much Stress is Too Much Stress?

We all know that being stressed, in a nutshell, sucks. Usually, when we talk about stress, we mean distress, which is the negative form of stress, as opposed to  624 more words


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slouched over the bench (5)
head pounding, hot, and dizzy (7)
just want to lie down (5)


Mama are you reaching burnout?

“You’re running yourself into the ground….”

Twice in 24 hours, twice by medical professionals and twice the sting.

They say it like it’s a given, like it’s a conscious decision I’m making each morning to sabotage my day. 635 more words


The Importance of Not Overworking Yourself

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about the importance of not overworking yourself when you’re a freelancer. I’ve hit this point before when I wrote… 608 more words

Work Is Losing Your Will To Live

I have become the go to.

Not that that’s and awful thing. It’s just a lot of work. And stress. And strain.

My shoulder is acting up again. 128 more words

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