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[Repost] Are Schools Violating Child Labor Laws?

The title of this article is a bit provocative but there is merit in what the content of articles says. As students, we have to be at school for a certain number of hours for five days a week. 699 more words


Best In Life

“Conan! What is best in life?”

The movie line wandered thru my head early one evening.¬† For years and years, my answer would have been- “To climb to the next promotion, score the biggest commission check, win the trip to California– Get the admiration of my peers and congratulations from my managers”. 357 more words


Its time for a guaranteed vacation movement.

I work as a teacher. The job has many difficulties that are various and well-documented. I ended up in this job for lack of a plan after graduating with a B.A. 587 more words


Anatomy of a Mid-Life Crisis

For the last few weeks, I have been looking for a fresh take on world events, whether it was Trump and international events, the moral failings of celebrity culture, or the daily joke that has become Australian politics. 660 more words

Social Commentary

Is this Cooking Class or Work?

Ever been in a home economics class and the lesson was to learn how to “Bake a Cake”. Well you know when you first start you gather your ingredients¬† and begin to put them in the bowl to mix them and once the mix is done you place them in proper containers/cake pans.¬† 455 more words

Customer Service

Your words

A haunting shell

Could you express yourself well,

When the time is gone,

And day breaks dawn,

Our story too long to tell.

I wait with patience… 17 more words