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Taking it one step at a time

It’s been quite a long month and has definitely not been easy. It feels like work is just piling up and never-ending. Once one assignment gets finished, there’s a test and two other assignments waiting to be completed. 280 more words


Overworked, overwhelmed

I’m feeling frazzled by life and in the last week or so not reacting well to annoyances.

It’s lodged in my head that we’re underresourced and I’m fully loaded (and overloaded) with work and so every new thing that comes in just doesn’t compute for me and sends me into a bit of a spiral of internalised panic and rage. 425 more words

Over it-Day 1!

Ever wake up with the feeling of just picking up the phone and telling your boss you quit? Yup! Me too. Everyday I feel like I am one “f” this away of biting the bullet and saying the hell with it. 200 more words


Why College Students Suffer From Mental Illness

There is nothing wrong with people who suffer from an illness. Everyone goes through things and there are many stories in the world. Today, I will be talking about college students. 504 more words



The truth is, I’m late because I was waiting for a call that said that the office was on fire.


Since the anniversary date of Jimmy’s passing which was October 19th, I haven’t really been motivated to do anything. I haven’t been sleeping well and my anxiety is on 1000% along with fatigue and migraines. 449 more words


Secret of Overcoming Chronic Stress

Today was an opportunity for me to practice experiencing the full spectrum of my feelings.

Today would have been my mom’s 80th birthday. We were planning a big party with all her friends and lobster from Maine, her favorite. 621 more words