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Daily Musings: Work Life

As I sit down to work in my makeshift office at home, I often wonder if I’m being selfish for wanting to quit my job, given the current economic situation. 329 more words

Daily Musings

Burn-out: An Epidemic in the Middle of a Pandemic?

“You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

Eleanor Brown

It feels like the world is at war. Not a war between countries, but between the world and a virus.

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I try to be grateful for my job…but I hate it.

My boss called me in the afternoon to “check in” but I already knew before that it was basically to tell me I was not doing enough and I was not meeting my “goals”. 178 more words


I cried at work today. Well while working at home but on the phone. I’ve realized I tend to do that when someone surprises me and cares. 909 more words

Supply Contemplation

Hi all,

Just a short post today because I’m too tired. Today’s post is just more about what I’ve been thinking about: grocery shopping.

Within the past two weeks, probably every grocery store is insane. 153 more words

Too Young to Experience Burnout?

You get home on Friday night, drop into a chair, and don’t want to move. You don’t want to cook anything “proper”. You’re excited to sit in front of the TV and become a mindless zombie, not caring what it is your watching so long as it doesn’t require brain power. 1,327 more words

The Mind


By Te’Kia Miller

Laying here in the calm of solitude
Serenity perfumes the atmosphere
Slowly I become acutely aware
Of the heavy weight of work, like that… 100 more words

Te'Kia Miller