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August 10, 2019.

5:07 AM.

Hey, guys. How’s it going?

I’m already miserable and my day hasn’t even started yet. Why am I miserable already you ask? Oh, well that’s because we only have 3 people working today with 2 training! 457 more words

Week 25: Overstressed and Overworked? Find Consistency

Many things can stress you out. Besides, intense work and competing priorities, one of those things for me is Family vacation. Yes, I was excited to escape my stressful job and break away from the rhythm of every day life. 204 more words

Yep, Over It!


It’s official. I am 100 percent,
absolutely, thoroughly over my current place of employment. I am burned out and
fast. Why? Unrealistic expectations and requirements from all sides. 323 more words

On codependency

I’ve been waking up with an emptiness inside, these days.

It gnaws within my stomach and spoils my appetite.

Not just for food; but for life. 392 more words


When Life Hands You Too Much At One Time

Written on Sun 05/31/15

Every so often, life tries to steal time from me, by making sure I’m too busy putting out fires that I fail to pay attention to where and when it disappeared. 516 more words


Your cuts cause overworked support workers sleeping on 1:1 observations

So, my second blog post just after three years, so this is for those who know or don’t know. This is just how strained the system is. 621 more words


Long Time - Again

Wow! Life. Yeah…um, well…

So, a lot has changed recently. I am back in New Mexico. I am now working in my family’s gallery, The Johnsons of Madrid… 257 more words