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“Upholder” Guilt

“I find it interesting that you feel guilty while relaxing, Renata. That’s typically an “Upholder” trait. Are you an overachiever?”

“In recovery, yes.”

This is a conversation that I had with my coach during one of our sessions when I mentioned that I hate the fact that I feel guilty for having downtime. 1,287 more words


The Importance of Work-Life Balance

During these unsettling times of uncertainty in the workforce because of coronavirus, I still think it’s important to strive toward work-life balance. There’s already been a lot said and written about work-life balance over the years, so I won’t say a lot more, but I do want to say a few things as a reminder. 675 more words

Two women is good, but it's not as good as three!

Keywords: women, equality, serious, discredited, working-class, women’s health

Two girls

Women don’t necessarily want a seat in a boardroom, we just want to be taken seriously. 3,958 more words

Overburdened & Overwhelmed?

How to Keep Your Sanity Without Messing Up Your Schedule

Do you know someone who works full-time, has kids that have activities, is in college, volunteers in the community, works a second job, is married, or any combination of these? 458 more words

What makes you Joyful?

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.

John 15:11

We all hit points in our lives where we want something we don’t have.

479 more words

23 and Living with Mum and Dad (Pt.1)

When I left home for Drama School at 18, I vowed I would never move back. I had fewer reasons than most; I grew up in a very happy home and actually get on with my parents (most of the time). 587 more words


Sleepless Nights

My gut feels flipped upside down. I’m at a loss for words on how to describe the way I’m feeling. How to even describe the why. 158 more words

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