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Brief: (adj) of short duration

I listened as a young pundit explained how disturbed he was that people were “no longer questioning.”

He thought it was caused by a newfound smugness. 245 more words

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Do I Write Too Much?

“It’s easier to write long than short, and people are not going to read something that’s long.”

When these words were told to my psychology class by my professor a few days ago, my heart dropped. 568 more words

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How to Avoid Wordy Writing

Wordy writing, sometimes called overwriting, can destroy a good plot by drowning it in excessive detail, repetition, stilted speech and redundancy. Overwriting stops story action. Simplicity is the key to avoiding wordy writing. 275 more words

How To Write Novels

Martin Amis' The Information is a bit too much information

Like Pynchon, I really want to be a Martin Amis fan. He’s certainly got that British wit that I love. Also, he populates his novels with unlikable blowhards, which I’ve always enjoyed for some reason. 465 more words

Trope-a-Day: Clone by Conversion

Clone by Conversion: It’s possible, with the right abominations of technology (basically, start with a healing vat and a cerebral bridge, then add evil… 138 more words


Writers who try to write masterpieces + story updates

Evening all! So I’m totally going to steal Alan Carr’s catchphrase: What a week it’s been!

I climbed the O2 in London on Tuesday night and got to see the sun setting behind Canary Wharf. 1,016 more words

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