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Martin Amis' The Information is a bit too much information

Like Pynchon, I really want to be a Martin Amis fan. He’s certainly got that British wit that I love. Also, he populates his novels with unlikable blowhards, which I’ve always enjoyed for some reason. 465 more words

Trope-a-Day: Clone by Conversion

Clone by Conversion: It’s possible, with the right abominations of technology (basically, start with a healing vat and a cerebral bridge, then add evil… 138 more words


Writers who try to write masterpieces + story updates

Evening all! So I’m totally going to steal Alan Carr’s catchphrase: What a week it’s been!

I climbed the O2 in London on Tuesday night and got to see the sun setting behind Canary Wharf. 1,016 more words


Are You Overwriting?(Revised)

Once you’ve completed your manuscript, the fun begins. You will need to go back and cut it by a minimum of 10 percent. That sounds like a lot but once you start taking a closer look at the wording of your sentences, and the information included, you will be surprised at the number of unnecessary words you have used. 257 more words

Aerial View of a Draft

Snippets of an Author’s Life: Post 5

If you’re the kind of author who initially overwrites, fear not.

Drafts are discovery.

The process even has its own genre, either adventure or mystery. 192 more words


Writing For The Reader's Enjoyment

I’ve always heard you should write for your readers. Which seems reasonable. After all we want them to buy our books. Let me share how I understand what writing for your readers implies. 971 more words

Cindy S Huff

There's No Such Thing as Writing Too Much

A fact about writing: no one ever gets it right on the first try.

Trimming the fat is an essential part of the process. Every first draft has suboptimal word choices, hanging plotlines, bad dialogue, or even just too much writing. 440 more words