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2015 A to Z Challenge: O is for OVERWRITING

I may have overwritten this point, but it seems to be one of the main facts about writing historical fiction. Information dumping is annoying, yet you need to set the scene and somehow make readers understand what life was like in those days. 23 more words


Signs of Overwriting

One of the most frequent mistakes I come across as I read works by struggling writers of fiction, particularly those at the beginning of their careers, is overwriting. 825 more words

Writing Advice

How to Beat Overwriting

In my first year of university, there was one consistent comment marked in red on every little story I submitted: stop overwriting! Easier said than done when I didn’t have a clue that I was doing it, nor how to overcome it. 376 more words


Letters on Literary Devices 11: Don't be so Dramatic

To all of you painfully affected, truly moved, earnestly touched, really warmed, really and truly heartened melodramatists who can’t earnestly prevent the painful deluge of exaggerated emotion flowing through your writing: 1,021 more words

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