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True by Ann Everett

Welcome, Ann Everett! I’m so pleased you could visit with us and tell us about your book. I have some lovely iced tea and can make you some iced coffee, if you’d like some. 1,367 more words

Is Your Focus Skewed?

When we read, we tend to try to anticipate what will happen in a story, or project backwards (for example, in a murder mystery novel). We use details such as objects, time and setting to create a picture of where, when, and what is happening. 713 more words

How to Write Shorter

I overwrite everything.

For a long time, this has been my way in every form of writing that I do, from emails to work memos, from “short” stories to “short” novels. 818 more words


Gender Pronouns and Overwriting

Blogging the Editing: Day #2

3rd January, 2018

I’ve been dreading revisiting Chapter Three because it was told from a non-human character’s perspective and was about a sudden and unwanted change. 298 more words


Stop Making Sense

Have we got an offer for you!

Would you like to improve your writing craft today? By, say, 10%?

This doesn’t apply to everyone of course, but after editing essays and books and posts for the Brevity blog, for experienced writers and new writers and everyone in between, I’ve noticed a lot of repetition. 641 more words

Teaching Resources

Learning from other writers

A few days ago I mentioned Ben East’s excellent interview in The National with Fiona Mozley, the author of Elmet. Learning about another writer’s sources of inspiration is always helpful and enlightening. 285 more words