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2016 Fitting-Out and Launching

This is where we get to see how our long-held ambition to base a boat abroad plays out in reality…….

We decided to start our fitting-out work at the beginning of May. 621 more words

These Are The Voyages.....

Portales Dimensionales

Es increíble de como pasamos de una sorpresa a otra, que sea buena o mala. Como ya se ha dicho hasta el cansancio, últimamente pasan demasiadas cosas como para pensar que son coincidencias; y una de ellas son lo que muchos constatan en los últimos meses, los portales dimensionales; o agujeros de gusano, usados por civilizaciones avanzadas, para recorrer grandes distancias. 493 more words


Other Resources

Here you will find some additional resources to further your education on UFOs.This first link has an extensive photo gallery of UFOs.World UFO Photos .Org… 28 more words


January 2016

Here are some highlights from the first month of 2016.


March 11, 2016

In these photos from March 11, you can see how filtering helped to flush out a UFO.The images below are the original photos without filtering.


December 02, 2015

Here’s some highlights from a UFO parade that passed by last December.This is a lovely float. They should enter this one in the Rose Bowl parade.At least we don’t need pooper scoopers to clean up after they’ve passed by.