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Flying Sheet of Paper

This is my 6th run in with “flying sheet of paper”.  At least this time, I’ve caught it on video.


January 07, 2015

Red filtering often helps to make these InterDimenionals a little easier to comprehend.


Invisible Visitors

As soon as I saw this cloud I knew there was something hiding there in plain sight. This was at a busy intersection in Phoenix at 1:30 pm, on May 02, 2015, while everyone else was clueless. 36 more words


Caso Roswell – O aparecimento e contacto Ovni

7 de Julho 1947

O Caso Roswell, ou Incidente em Roswell é um dos casos mais famosos da ufologia mundial, diz respeito a uma série de acontecimentos ocorridos em Julho de 1947 na localidade de Roswell (Novo México, EUA), onde um OVNI teria caído. 996 more words


Super Fast UFO

A small UFO shows up 10 seconds into this video, on the left. By 11 seconds it has long since exited on the right. Work the pause button and you might be able to catch it three times before it’s gone. 19 more words


La nave extraterrestre reptiliana illuminati (?)

Está bien, siempre hemos dicho que es bueno hacerse preguntas y cuestionar las cosas, pero todo tiene un límite… cuestionarse si una nube es en verdad una nave extraterrestre es un poco mucho… asegurar que lo es, es demasiado. 343 more words

Quejas Contra El Mundo