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July 22, 1914: Chlorine and a Pet Canary; 1962: Oily Birds; 1935: Mulholland Dies

July 22, 1914: Canary has sore wings. As chlorine began to be used throughout the U.S., some people were convinced that chlorine was bad for them and enlisted the help of their pets’ maladies to prove their point. 329 more words


June 30, 1906: Los Angeles Gets Its Way with Water

June 30, 1906: Federal Law Gives Los Angeles Owens Valley Water. “ The City hired a prestigious team of engineers to examine the feasibility of the project. 375 more words


June 27, 1912: Los Angeles Water Supply Plan

June 27, 1912: Municipal Journal article. Los Angeles New Water Supply. “The plan and construction of the Los Angeles aqueduct have invited the interest and admiration of the engineer and layman generally throughout the United States both from the great distance-240 miles-that the water is to be carried into the city and the unusual obstacles that have presented themselves. 182 more words


Sierra Nevada

6.24.17 – Lone Pine Peak (largest peak on the left) and Mt. Whitney (spiky peak on the right) framed through Mobius Arch. Although Lone Pine Peak looks higher in this image, it’s a matter of perspective. 52 more words

May 21, 1921: Violence Mars Operations of Owens Valley Aqueduct

May 21, 1921: Violence Mars Operations of Owens Valley Aqueduct. “On May 21, 1924, the first violence of the dispute erupted. Forty men dynamited the Lone Pine aqueduct spillway gate. 254 more words


West of Death Valley

A little west of Death Valley, a sister valley hugs one of the most amazing buttresses of granite on the planet. Owens Valley is nestled in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains, which stretch north and south for hundreds of miles along the spine of California. 358 more words