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Is Southern California Sucking Northern Water Supply Dry During Drought?

LOS ANGELES (CBS13) — It’s one of the most common things we hear about the drought—people complaining about sending all of the water from Northern California to Southern California so they can have green lawns. 679 more words


Rings of Time -- A night under the stars with the world's oldest trees by Stuart Palley

The White Mountains lie just east of California’s Sierra Nevada. They’re rugged and remote; topping out with White Mountain Peak rising to 14,252 feet.

While its famous brethren mountains across the Owens Valley get much of the summer outdoors glory and photographic attention, the White Mountains contain the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest, and in it, the oldest tree in the world, at over 5,000 years old. 333 more words


July 27, 1976: Legionnaire’s Disease in Philadelphia; 1905: Consideration of Owens Valley Water Supply for Los Angeles

July 27, 1976: Outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease in Philadelphia. “On July 21, 1976, the American Legion opened its annual three-day convention at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 538 more words


July 22, 1914: Chlorine and Pet Canary; 1962: Oily Birds; 1935: Mulholland Dies

July 22, 1914: Canary has sore wings. As chlorine began to be used throughout the U.S., some people were convinced that chlorine was bad for them and enlisted the help of their pets’ maladies to prove their point. 329 more words


Landscape | Owens river bend redux

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Owens River in the Owens Valley at sunrise.Very early, very cold. 26 more words


New on 500px : Owens river bend redux by frank_delargy

Owens River in the Owens Valley at sunrise.Very early, very cold. This version takes a different direction with processing. Interested in your opinions.
Frank… 13 more words

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