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An owl's tale

Last weekend, a colleague found an owl hanging in a tree. It was strung up by its wings. Later in the day it was gone. Yesterday, we discovered this barn owl sitting in a tree. 155 more words


Life is Full of These

driplets, droplets, drooplets
flippity floppity flooplets
hippity hoppity hooplets
life is full of these

uppers, downers, side-to-siders
curveballs, change-ups, fastballs, sliders
urban owls and rural risers… 32 more words


Odessa the Owl in Watercolor

Odessa the Barn Owl in Watercolor – 8×10 140lb Cold Press SaundersOdessa the Owl – A Wise Old Barn Owl in Watercolor.

A blogging friend, Carolyn, at… 112 more words


Package Edu Stanford Smi Protegex Owl Model Download

Package edu stanford smi protegex owl model download

Subject: Re: SWRLTab problems when running protege-owl protege-owl/plugins/edu.stanford.smi.protegex.owl/jess Package Explorer” where I see Package edu.stanford.smi.protegex.owl.ui.properties; To implement ODP within Protégé to support OWL ontology design that emphasizes models of the edu.stanford.smi.protege.event package you api/edu/stanford/smi/protege/model download/release-javadoc-owl/edu/stanford/smi Semantic Web. 226 more words

Who, Who are you!

I have two blogs I post to every day.  I usually have a different shot for each blog.  Today I’m using the same image.  A adult Barred Owl (Strix varia) came out to visit us along the edge of the trail on our afternoon hike. 25 more words


Who, Who Are You!

A adult Barred Owl (Strix varia) came out to visit us along the edge of the trail on our afternoon hike. We heard that it was in the area, and we very lucky to see it! 10 more words


Download How I Became The Sea Owl City

Download how i became the sea owl city

You can buy How I Became The Sea 2012 Pop – Owl City To get full access to the site e.g. 606 more words