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The Owl

The Owl is an often overlooked 3670-foot peak just next to Katahdin. The steep climb rewards hikers with great views of Katahdin and the Witherle Ravine to the east and a series of mountains to the west, including Barren, OJI, Mount Coe, North and South Brothers, Fort, and Doubletop. 25 more words

Baxter State Park

Screech owl cries

A Rhyme Royal for the dverse prompt this evening. Prompted by the sound of hunting owls, so loud at nightfall here.

Image ©Art Siegel… 119 more words


Don’t get lost in the weeds
Look up.
Wish on stars
Howl at the Blood Moon.
Spot barn owls and fruit bats
Look up
There’s a Rorschach test… 29 more words

Hagrid the Owl

Last week at Erin and Ross’ wedding they had a beautiful barnyard from Radical Raptors Falconry.

His name is Hagrid and he is the most beautiful owl ever. 23 more words


BANNER MOUNTAIN GIRL # 42--Autumn in the Ozarks

little squirrel in the water oak– rainy day

Wayside Flowers

Horse-drawn mower rusts and the horse rests.

ninety two degrees no breeze on the mountain naptime… 97 more words


Seven Days. Seven B&W Photos...Challenge #3!

Fun!! I have been challenged


 Miriam Hurdle at

The Shower of Blessings

to participate in the…

Seven Days…Seven B&W

Photos Challenge! 

This challenge is to post seven black and white photos…no people, no explanation …photos of everyday life…for seven consecutive days. 46 more words

Positive Thinking