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Overcrowding at the Wolery!

An update on happenings at the Wolery is long overdue!

My last report on March 30 was one of cautious optimism: this year’s owl couple was still in residence…much has happened since!!! 160 more words


Owlets starting and staring...

On a walk a couple of weeks ago I came across a Great gray owl nest in Bragg Creek.  I had noticed an owl perched high up in a tree and while watching it, I heard its very soft hooting, about 10 seconds apart – almost like a slow, steady beat which was not a vocalization I was familiar with.   753 more words


Finally, an Owl Sighting!

A few days ago my brother took some photos of a Great Horned Owl nest high up in a tree on a local golf course. … 246 more words


A Little Who-Let

There is a little town in Pennsylvania, where along a quiet stream in the middle of town stands a tree. This tree holds treasures within. These treasures? 188 more words


Look Familiar?

No, not ‘our owl’. Since last year, Scott and I became volunteers at The Center for Birds of Prey.  We are officially members of the Renesting Program.   729 more words


Fauna Friday: The Snowy Owl in Your Back Yard

You are driving in the dark when suddenly a silent, large, white shape glides past your headlights, only to be seen for a second at most. 1,220 more words

Fauna Friday