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Three weeks now in South Carolina; two total weeks at work, and being done with training I’m doing some more regular tasks. Pattern is starting to set in–in a way, I suppose this is good, as it means that things are stable. 232 more words


Watch A Man Try To Get An Owl Out Of His House (Some Adult Language)

I have tried to get a bird out of a Popeye’s once over by UH when I stopped in for some chicken strips and that was a hectic outing! 88 more words


Psychopomp--Part 2

The first part of “Psychopomp” tells of the death of Emmett’s beloved Oslem, Emmett’s following brokenness, and the appearance of the strange Manann N. McLir. 953 more words


It's Owl Awareness Day?

HOOOOO knew about this? Well, the Oregon Zoo did (been there, wonderful place) and they put a video together for Owl Lovers everywhere! (Speakers UP, please.)

Best Disney Owls

Steffi, it’s finally here. My TOP 5 DISNEY OWLS! I can barely handle this post.

Number 5. Pocahontas owls

Number 4. Professor Owl
Look how smart this little guy is with his suit! 104 more words


He's alive, dammit! It's a miracle!

I’m not shilling for a certain Netflix series, but a friend suggested it and it just seemed perfect.