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British Barn Owls still struggling to adapt to modern life

(Alex Dale, 22 February 2017)

One of the most widespread birds of prey in the world, the Common Barn Owl Tyto alba has proven so successful at adapting to life alongside humans that even its very name reflects the symbiotic relationship that has been shared by farmers and this charismatic bird over the course of thousands of years. 526 more words



My turn for the Owl’s Blog Tour. This month the topic is “flight” and we are interpreting it with the very popular anime Yuri on Ice. 1,389 more words


Writing Wednesdays #1: Sucker for Alteration

This is the new weekly installment:  Writing Wednesdays!  Why?  Because I am a sucker for alteration?  No.  Because I can feel myself filling up, flooding with concepts, inspirations, and ruminations on this craft of mine that I still know nothing about.  507 more words


little owls done

6×6″ and 7×7″

and a drawing and later life drawing at Two Rivers


Twit Twoo

Tomorrow is preparation day. We will be cutting board and collecting ribbons and buttons that co ordinate with the papers to create this pretty  journal. The lovely Clare Rowlands will be in the Den to lead us step by step in its creation. 31 more words

50 Word Stories: Sleepless (It's No Hoot).

Midnight came in restless huffs and the hoots of a bored owl. Too lazy to fly, the bird shrieked at halfhearted intervals rendering my sheep counting pointless. 27 more words


Back to the Wild

So a while back I did a blog post on a barred owl, Keep Your Shirt On. Well over the weekend we were excited to release the owl back to where he was found. 376 more words