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With livid eyes and swirling black,

they danced in the ocean deep.

Own Works

CinemadaMare 2015


In the end of the year I would like to share here a bit of my crazy summer experience – participation in a film festival   525 more words

Без рубрики

Mara In Love

Today was the day. If I am to be absolutely honest, I have been anticipating this day much longer than I would allow myself to admit. 701 more words


To Cornelius, With Hope


I write to you while I am on a trip to try and find myself amidst everything I think myself to be. I know, don’t panic, I’m fine. 794 more words


A Letter From Casandra

It’s 4 am. Ugh. Way too early again.

Normal people would have thrown the blankets on and slept peacefully again, it’s Saturday after all. But, the weird being that I am, I got out of bed, and made myself some delicious brewed coffee and toast on my small but functional kitchen. 743 more words


I just realized something

I’m participating in Camp Nanowrimo this year and spent an hour gathering up everything i wrote this month.

I saved it then had to switch computers because I’m at the public library and they only let you on a computer for an hour. 96 more words

Own Works

The Fall of Gabriel

“I’m sorry.” Gabriel stared at his brother, silently begging for him not to do this; anything but this. Michael slowly walked him backwards, face carefully set in a neutral mask as he held his brother at the very edge. 42 more words

Own Works