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Dairy of a journalist to be ~ the first day task, and how I missed the biggest scoop I could get

“Today you get to be real journalists.
Get out on the streets, and find yourselves some street news!”

At my school for journalism, we had our first day task this week.

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Own Stories

Daydream #1

I saw them, and they saw me. Vic called me to the stage and together with Jaime or Tony, they call throw me into the mob where I will finally achieved one of my greatest dreams ever – to crowd surf.

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In my eyes and in the eyes of many

Even if it’s in French or in Japanese, words or languages are never enough to describe how utterly beautiful you are

Own Works

Driving back to the verge of…. sanity

“I am I am I am”

Imported from my previous blog. Originally written last January 7, 2016


What is a Millenium Falcon…

…without Han Solo?

It breaks my heart. I love you, Chewie. Your scoundrel friend will always guide you and your big carpet-like figure.

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To the best ones..

To the real best ones, my Mama and Daddy,

I love you. I hope you know how my heart would crush whenever I would leave home on Sundays to spend the rest of the weekdays at work. 64 more words


Things to remember by this 2016

  1. Enjoy life more by doing what you think is fun for you, no matter how boring it may be to others.
  2. Go out more often than the times you went out in 2015.
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