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I do not need ANY ideology

Welcome back!
Yesterday, while talking with a friend, I happened to think how easy is to be categorized and labeled, depending on actions we commit, which had been already made the standpoint of a religion or ideology. 478 more words



High and mighty aren’t we?

You are selfish, can’t you see?

You are blind to your own faults

But see the mistakes of others

Nothing will save you… 7 more words


Finders Keepers

She say she love me

‘I’m hers and she’s mine’

She owns me.

Her crew say she’s theirs.

That’s crew love.

Or is it?

All we own is materialistic. 93 more words


street and its own learning

hard knocks

and the whole nine

and caught on the much

and where it was the feeling

and felt on the pour

and long on the standing… 47 more words


Your song, after all

‚ÄčIt’s around this time

You realise
You’re not really okay

And nightmares that shake you
Are having their way

Everyone around you is safe in their dreams… 154 more words


Who Will Own Mars?

I have just finished writing this article, and when looking back on it- felt I needed to add this before you read: You need to get over yourself. 589 more words


Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7: Take, Take, Take

This show is beautiful. It’s so well written, so emotional and just unbelievably grasping. This episode was every one of those adjectives I used in the previous sentence. 1,288 more words