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Emotions... we all have them

If life said to you, everything you do has to be stated by society and the reason why is because no one likes you to be different! 126 more words

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Release shame and embrace satisfaction.

You (yes, you!) are worthy of pleasure.

Overcoming sexual guilt, for some, can be a great and daring act of bravery.

Sexual guilt is a struggle, which takes place within ourselves—self-imposed in our own minds. 839 more words


Eyes see differently

Let’s talk about our emotions we all have them however, it isn’t easy to express them now is it… for me well, I am a little different, brasin, loud, rude at times, in your face, and many other painful things however, that is me. 1,122 more words

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What it is like to have PTSD

Fight, Flight Freeze response is what I go through, it’s not as often, however, it only happens when a person or in my condition is left with choosing because each time I did that in my past I failed and felt that my decision was incorrect which put me in a position of fearing the worst…

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Owner Of The Candii Club

Our Hormones & Belly Fat!

YES, AS I said, —————— BELLY FAT

We need to check our hormones MEN and WOMEN if anyone has fat around the stomach it is your HORMONE levels, so get yourself checked because YOU its healthy and you will be happier. 203 more words

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A Humble Thank you from me...

Friendships, Soul Connections are truly a gift, never, ever begrudge it!

To be part of a Journey is to contribute everything you have learned from your experiences with those your lucky enough to have beside you. 897 more words

Owner Of The Candii Club