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World Wide Web? More Like, World Wide Whingers

The internet is a tough place to begin with, everyone is an English nut or an expert in everything to do with anything. But I believe that the internet is an especially difficult place for people like us, the horizontally challenged, the round, the basketballs in among tennis balls, the fat. 523 more words


Week 1: I Am Done

As those who read my last post know, this past week has been one with a lot of emotional turmoil for me. It made reevaluate so many things that had become my reality for the past few years. 894 more words

Highs And Lows

#The class yawner

*Because I’ve been busy and distracted and befuddled.

‘’Grey, fluffy clouds covered the sky.  The wind started billowing around him. He was tall and slender, not easily blown away. 487 more words

Ma Vie