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Administration Withholds Promotion Raises Promised to "Specialized Faculty" by Provost's Communication #25

The administration exerted its power this month by refusing to give raises to newly promoted non-tenure-track faculty. In the face of this unilateral action, the need for a union has never been clearer. 237 more words

An asocial experiment! Raising your dog - I mean Blog!

Hello! This is my first blog post, and my first real blog. I will try to post as regularly as I can and provide what I feel is quality content in each post. 120 more words

Our Weekly Reader for the Week of 8/25/13

In some sense, nothing has changed on Pensions since July. This spring, the House passed a catastrophic pension cutting bill and the Senate passed a devastating one somehow supported by the public unions. 273 more words


Our Weekly Reader for the Week of 7/28/13

The Board of Trustees met this week and extended Pres. Easter for a year, with the promise of potential bonuses. USC Chair Nick Burbules used his farewell address as an opportunity to vent against unionization. 109 more words


Our Weekly Reader for the Week of 6/23/2013

There is a 10-person conference committee in Springfield trying to agree on a pension plan; eight of these voted for the Madigan plan. At a senate hearing on Tuesday, the university presidents supported a plan from IGPA. 87 more words


Our Weekly Reader for the Week of 6/2/2013

There are two viable pension altering bills in the State Legislature. The Madigan Bill SB1, which has been heavily pushed by the Chicago newspapers and corporate heavyweights, barely passed the State House and was soundly defeated in the State Senate. 240 more words

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