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10 NYPD Arrests in 80 minutes: How this feat is done?

10 NYPD Arrests in 80 minutes: How this feat is done?

In this 10 minute video, Paul Henri-Sullivan documents NYPD tactics in crowd control.  He follows an… 274 more words


Miley Cyrus's Ridiculous OWS Music Video

The Disney Princess shows her support for Occupy Wall Street by releasing this hilarious amazing video to her remix of “Liberty Walk.”  Because, you know, the young, rich and famous totally get it.


Technologos UC Davis Campus Police Crime - Mace Spraying

Powered by Dailymotion

Powered by Dailymotion

Dissident Cinema Project posting the reel of police brutality on UC Davis Campus as Univercity police misuse maze spray (raw cut details ) peaceful students protesting at UC Davis.University of California, Davis Mace Spraying Students Nov 18. 549 more words



Almost daily I find myself developing such a negative impression about what is going on in this country that I’m becoming more and more convinced that things around here are becoming hopeless. 314 more words

Obama Care

Occupy Wall Street Protestor You Have to See to Believe

Turns out Mr. Edward T. Hall III is a trust fund baby. And complete idiot by the looks of it. Thank you, Mr. Hall the Third, for making our day. 6 more words