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Cowherd and Weaver Girl


Who doesn’t like a good myth?

And if there is romance involved, then bingo!

Ok, so today, I will tell you about one of those romantic tragic myths, from China. 831 more words


12 - 5

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Dawn had just graced the mountain when they returned.

“Enter,” Tellwyrn said in response to the sharp knock on her office door. 4,563 more words

The significance of the Hebrew letters "Aleph" and "Tav"

The Hebrew letters “Aleph” and “Tav” appeared throughout the Old Testament Scriptures and was not translated or readable. However, if we go back to ancient Hebrew pictograms, something significant can be derived just from the two letters themselves. 154 more words


Day 81 - Hangzhou

Some trips just have the lingering whiff of failure about them: you have to sprint for the train and almost end up physically fighting your boyfriend; you can’t find the hotel; it’s raining; your taxi driver is perhaps kidnapping you; it’s raining harder; you’re stranded up a mountain waiting for a bus, with no way of knowing if a bus is ever coming; it’s raining torrentially; your bus is perhaps going the wrong way; the hotel swimming pool – the reason you booked, and paid more money for the hotel – is little more than a large crate dumped in a cupboard; it’s still raining; the restaurant you choose for dinner – a Hangzhou institution – only lets you order by app in Chinese, so you have to make a swift, humiliating exit; it’s raining. 946 more words