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The enlightened ancient Greeks: Hesiod's advice

The early Greek, Hesiod, had this advice for a young man (in Works and Days):

First get a house, a woman and a plough-ox – one bought, not married, who can also follow the oxen.

Total Depravity

American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 3

American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 3 The Replacements

Fiona wakes up during the night, she thinks about how she discover that she is the supreme, to be it the witch must has at mastery 7 powers. 238 more words


Wineweek 85: Whats New in Helsinki

I think it has finally happened: my home for 30 years, Helsinki, has become somewhat of a stranger to me. I just realized it when browsing all the new restaurants have popped up this year. 861 more words


10 - 45

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“I guess we missed the freshmen,” Trissiny noted as they made their way across campus toward magic class. “Rafe must’ve let them out early.” 4,352 more words

Mad Ox on the loose, Montreal, 1869

Montreal Gazette, 9 August 1869, page 3

A Mad Ox on the Loose in the Street– About twelve o’clock yesterday as a large black ox was being driven to the market, he broke loose from his drivers and went tearing down St Joseph Street, driving the passengers by right and left. 104 more words