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Op-Ed: Liberal government must sign treaty regulating arms industry

In his campaign, Justin Trudeau promised to sign the Arms Trade Treaty if elected. Now is the time for the new prime minister to follow through on his election promise. 615 more words


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1. Electrifying India, With the Sun and Small Loans – Micro-lending and pay-as-you-go plans create a pathway for those without electricity in rural India the opportunity to gain access to a clean, renewable energy source. 377 more words


The 62 richest people have as much wealth as half the world

The world’s 62 richest billionaires have as much wealth as the bottom half of the world’s population, according to a new report from Oxfam International. The wealthiest have seen their net worth soar over the five years ending in 2015. 127 more words


Family, friends, remember Quebecers killed in Burkina Faso attacks

As an aid worker, Yves Carrier was accustomed to travelling to Burkina Faso, to help the underprivileged communities there.

Last December, he took his fourth trip to the African nation, the first with his daughter and son. 1,144 more words

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An Alternative Perspective on Africa Rising

Listen again

Is Africa’s growth trajectory overhyped? Is it as Omidyar Network’s Ory Okolloh call, ‘a fetishisation’ over some of the continent’s development achievements at the heavy expense of turning a blind eye to the weighty issues? 675 more words

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Canada doing more than most – but could do more – for Syrian refugee crisis: report

Canada may not be doing its fair share when it comes to the Syrian refugee crisis, but it is doing more than most other rich countries. 440 more words


Questions raised about Conservative government’s attempts to punish Canadians who speak out

What is legitimate dissent? Who should be targets of government sanctions and intelligence gathering? Here is an article of interest:

A coalition of 200 civil society organizations says it wants all political parties to explain to voters how they will ensure that criticism and dissent of the government is not punished by those in power, writes… 549 more words

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