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An Alternative Perspective on Africa Rising

Listen again

Is Africa’s growth trajectory overhyped? Is it as Omidyar Network’s Ory Okolloh call, ‘a fetishisation’ over some of the continent’s development achievements at the heavy expense of turning a blind eye to the weighty issues? 675 more words

Gender & Development

Canada doing more than most – but could do more – for Syrian refugee crisis: report

Canada may not be doing its fair share when it comes to the Syrian refugee crisis, but it is doing more than most other rich countries. 440 more words


Questions raised about Conservative government’s attempts to punish Canadians who speak out

What is legitimate dissent? Who should be targets of government sanctions and intelligence gathering? Here is an article of interest:

A coalition of 200 civil society organizations says it wants all political parties to explain to voters how they will ensure that criticism and dissent of the government is not punished by those in power, writes… 549 more words

Defence Watch

Nepal earthquake

Nepal has been struck again by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. We are delivering clean water and hygiene equipment to thousands of people following the earthquake of 25th April. 79 more words


Donating to Nepal

I should say right off the top that I am no expert here and do not claim to have inside information. I’m just making some observations from the ground and from local news. 337 more words


The Unreported BRICS Factor And World Events.

Posted on February 19, 2015

by Jerry Alatalo

Perhaps the most precise way to describe the years-long development of the new BRICS alliance of nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and others) is that it represents the beginning of the end of white supremacy in international affairs on Earth. 1,069 more words

Earth Matters

Bill Tierney: It's amazing what you learn from reading the newspaper

If you are reading this column sitting down, my newspaper tells me that you are slowly killing yourself. You would be much less likely to suffer an imminent catastrophic medical event if you were standing up. 736 more words

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