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OOTD:Patterned Down To The Socks

The 40 degree weather yesterday put some pep in my step. I decided to finally not wear boots to teach today. Since I was wearing prints on my shirt and shoes, I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple. 57 more words

The Brunch OOTD!!

A childhood friend had come from abroad which obviously called for a lot of catching up!! :-P We decided to ditch the regular eateries and go for street food! 177 more words


OOTD: Sleek Stripes

Today I went out to a lovely dinner with my mom! I tried Sea Urchin! Believe it or not, it was really good!

Anyways, I wanted to wear one of my rompers with stripes…let me tell you it is hard to winterize a romper. 39 more words

Oxford shoes - so classy!

Τα Oxford shoes για γυναίκες είναι πολύ στην μόδα. Ωστόσο, η τάση αυτή χρονολογείται από τις αρχές του δέκατου ένατου αιώνα. Δανειστήκαμε από το στυλ των ανδρικών υποδήμάτων, τα Oxford για γυναίκες έχουν λάβει τεράστια δημοτικότητα από το 1920. 24 more words