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Streets in London, UK: Bayswater Road

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Streets in London, UK: Oxford Street

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Beast Restaurant, Chapel Place

For me, Beast is the most exciting restaurant from the extraordinarily successful Goodman Restaurant Group who are responsible for Burger and Lobster and their namesake steak restaurant. 415 more words


Ethos Restaurant @ Oxford Circus

I’ve never really been a fan of Vegeterian food – I love my meats and seafood too much to give them up! However when we visited Ethos (ethically eating?) restaurant right off Oxford street, the interior had high white ceiling with tall pillars and trees which canopied above us. 77 more words


Where to buy old-fashioned sweets in London, UK?

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Beaten black and blue provoked by African Stalking from Princess House

In early 2011 north east of Oxford Circus I woken in doorway to find I was being ritually abused by an African man. I approached him and asked what he thought he was doing, as he backed away a Cacuasian security guard approached; it was midnight when he offered me food but when I refused he attacked me beating both my arms and legs till they were black and blue. 90 more words

Gill and Reigate in The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The museum archives at Minneapolis Institute of Arts are a fantastic resource for researching the synergies between the development of museum collections and the history of the antique trade. 719 more words