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From 2GreenEnergy Intern Fabio Porcu – An Introduction to Batteries

In my last post, I covered the various types of energy storage.  Now it’s time to analyze in detail the possibilities that the batteries offer in this field.   612 more words

Energy Storage

12 Days of Chemical Calculations - 12

In the following reaction chlorine is oxidised, use oxidation numbers to show what is reduced. You should also explain which rules you have used to determine your answer. 20 more words


Colours + Compounds = Colourful Compounds

Isn’t it interesting to find out that some compounds are in variable colours (which are really pretty) while others are colourless (you can just see straight through the compound)? 468 more words


Analysis of Metallic Oxides

Metals often react with oxygen to produce ionic oxides such as K2O, CaO, TiO2, and V2O5.

Give the oxidation state for the metal ion in each of the following compounds. 6 more words


Unbalanced Oxidation and Reduction Equations

Write unbalanced oxidation half-reaction for the following process.


Write unbalanced reduction half-reaction for the following process.



Oxidation and Reduction by Change in Oxidation Number/State

Oxidation – Increase in oxidation state
Reduction – Decrease in oxidation state

This video explains redox reactions based on the change in oxidation numbers.


Epic Ligand Survey: Carbenes

In a previous post, we were introduced to the N-heterocyclic carbenes, a special class of carbene best envisioned as an L-type ligand. In this post, we’ll investigate other classes of carbenes, which are all characterized by a metal-carbon double bond. 1,627 more words