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CP07 - Oxidation States


  • Monday, September 12th

Class Business

  • homework – questions?
  • memorization questions?

Quiz – Oxidation Numbers

  • student provides sheet of paper
  • Q provides periodic table
  • Q reads name of element…
  • 82 more words

CP06 - Formulas


  • Thursday, September 8th

Class Business

  • review homework (table of particles)
  • questions? thoughts?


  • subscripts / coefficients
  • parentheses
  • examples (book practice below)



+10 Oxidation State May Exist

For years, we as chemists have all been taught that elements can only exist in the -4 to +8 oxidation state. In 2010, we were excited to hear predictions that the +9 oxidation may exist in + – a fact which was later confirmed in 2014. 120 more words

12 Days of Chemical Calculations - 12

In the following reaction chlorine is oxidised, use oxidation numbers to show what is reduced. You should also explain which rules you have used to determine your answer. 20 more words


12 Days of Chemical Calculations - 11

What is the oxidation state of the Vanadium in the following, and what rules did you use to decide upon the oxidation state?

  1. V2O5
  2. VO2+
  3. 12 more words