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How to keep fruit and vegtables from not turning brown and fresh

Meal prepping makes life so much easier. One of my daily snacks are fresh veggies sticks. However, no one likes a brown apple, or pear slice, in there snack pack. 196 more words

Food For Thought

Reclaiming a Hard-Smoked Brigham 4 Dot Prince

I picked this Prince shaped pipe off eBay some time before Christmas. As I recall, the online photos weren’t the best quality but sufficient to show that this pipe had seen some hard use. 1,050 more words

How to Store Tea

It has become recently more and more obvious that people just don’t know how to store tea correctly. Its kept in its box or bag and that’s it. 1,159 more words


Next generation antioxidants

Move over first generation antioxidants, next generation antioxidants are taking over in scientific research and our hopes for healthier lives.  First generation antioxidants, all the rage at the turn of the century, have proven to have fallen short of their miraculous promise to prevent and erase many diseases. 295 more words


Invisible ink

One of Kid M and my partner’s favourite things to do together is play pirates. They have pirate names (Captain Flapjack and Pirate Porkpie) and make treasure maps. 542 more words

Indoor Activity

Tea: A Misconception

Ah! That refreshing feeling that comes over us as we take those first sips of our favorite mourning cup of tea. It seems like all is right with the world and the sun shines a little brighter. 558 more words