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Liquid Metal Changes Shape to Tune Antenna

Antennas can range from a few squiggles on a PCB to a gigantic Yagi on a tower. The basic laws of physics must be obeyed, though, and whatever form the antenna takes it all boils down to a conductor whose length resonates at a specific frequency. 205 more words

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Tasting day: Cascadian Dark Ale + oxidation self-education(?)

Finally got around to trying this one this week. To recap: bottling was a disaster, with splashing in almost every bottle and prolonged exposure to oxygen. 720 more words


A Straight Forward Rejuvenation on a Butz Choquin Calabash Churchwarden

Blog by Steve Laug

This pipe came to me from a friend who wanted me to sell it for him and give a donation to the SA Foundation’s work in Kathmandu, Nepal. 419 more words

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Crafting a Interior Shank Repair for a Cracked Shank Peterson Churchwarden

Blog by Steve Laug

A friend of mine stopped by with a pipe he wanted me to take a look at. It was a beautiful Peterson Churchwarden with a shapely long bent stem. 719 more words

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Applied Frames for Existing Mirrors

One issue that is common to bathroom mirrors is the pealing of silvering around the edges of the glass. This phenomenon is known as “black-edge,” and is especially a problem near the coast. 330 more words

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