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Blueberries: Antioxidant Health Benefits

My favorite, sun-drenched childhood memories include late summer rambles in search of wild blueberries in the emerald vista of British Columbia, Canada. The small quantities of the juicy berries that made it into our buckets were taken home to be made into fruit smoothies, jams, or frozen for a delicious surprise in the coming winter months. 457 more words


Anchor Oxidation

This object is not made from wood. (Though the far-off tree in the background is…)
This is is the top of what was once an anchor. 17 more words


Beer Interpretation #5: Oxidation // Part Two

Beer Interpretation is an irregular series of posts where I try to decipher the sometimes strange and always wonderful world of beer jargon, phrases and catch cries by drilling into the basics and interpreting the lingo. 1,662 more words

Paul Wyman

Burning Iron in Liquid Oxygen - Periodic Table of Videos

Burning iron is dropped into liquid oxygen.
Raw footage (reactions 1-4): https://youtu.be/TcBog29fSbo
Raw footage (reactions 5-8): https://youtu.be/tMYqgofSp0Y
Reactions by Neil Barnes. Discussion by Professor Martyn Poliakoff.

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Beautiful High Grade B Bjarne Nielsen Handmade Freehand

Blog by Steve Laug

I picked this pipe up from Pocatello, Idaho when my brother and I visited an older pipeman there who was selling some of his collection. 935 more words

Pipe Refurbishing Essays

Just finished cleaning up a Savinelli Antique Shell Lovat

Blog by Steve Laug

Throughout the past 15 years or more I have cleaned up a lot of Savinelli pipes. I have cleaned a large variety of shapes and sizes but I have never seen one that is a Lovat shape, the 703 KS. 586 more words

Pipe Refurbishing Essays

Have you ever heard of a Benedetto Luna Billiard?

Blog by Steve Laug

The next pipe on my work table is a rusticated billiard with a fascinating rustication. The pipe is stamped on the left side of the shank, Benedetto Luna from Italy. 432 more words

Pipe Refurbishing Essays