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What I Dyed On My Summer Vacation

When I retired on 1 January 2016, the first thing I started doing was daily walks that started as hour-long outings and grew into 3-hour explorations every morning of the streets and parks within a 2-mile radius of my house. 3,015 more words

Why blog posts warning people of coloured vitamin C serums annoy me and other stories....

I’m a little bit angry today, in fact, I’ve been a little bit angry for a while now as there seems to be a thing going on that is not entirely helpful. 2,552 more words



Nightingale 2017    Oil and mixed media on found canvas  (24 by 30 inches)


Is Gas Flaring Burning Away?

So I’ve been off here and there over the summer months, apologies for the radio silence. But if makes you feel any better, it wasn’t all fun and games. 486 more words


Fish oil supplements - beware!

I regularly see posts on Facebook about supplementing dogs with fish oils.  I meet new clients fairly regularly who feel they are doing the right thing by feeding fish oil supplements to their dogs as a source of Omega 3 and for anti-inflammatory support. 172 more words



War (and my revulsion of it) is a recurring theme in my art.  Below some recent examples.

“Give us war!” (2016)

In this I combined painting with a world war I photograph. 107 more words