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Sometimes I can’t help myself and have to refinish a new pipe – a Butz Choquin Belami Pocket Canadian

Blog by Steve Laug

When I was in Stuttgart, Germany recently I purchased a petite pocket Canadian made by Butz Choquin. The cost was relatively cheap at 43€. 866 more words

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Benzoic Acid from the Oxidation of Toluene


In this experiment I’ll be making Benzoic Acid from the oxidation of Toluene. Before starting, let me remind you that it is much easier and cheaper to simply buy Benzoic Acid or obtain it using other methods. 839 more words


A Restored Orlik Dugout Billiard

Blog by Steve Laug

Al Jones’ recent posts on his restorations of two Orlik pipes – one a Sterling and one a Dugout – for John Guss prompted me to take this old Orlik Dugout out of my pipe cabinet and take a few photos. 268 more words

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Repaired a couple of Brighams for a friend

Blog by Steve Laug

The pipe at the top of the photo is a Brigham Algonquin shape 265. It is a newer Brigham and has the nylon tenon and system. 691 more words

Pipe Refurbishing Essays

Equations, reactions, stoich

If you want to practice balancing, word equations, predicting products, stoichiometry, or percent yield, you’re in the right place!  Let’s get started:

Writing equations worksheets: 186 more words

On Test: @WoodfordesAle Wherry – Beer Kit tasting

I hate doing write-ups like this.  Really I do…

This beer has been sat in a corny keg for most of February and a good deal of March and it still ain’t right (even with a test sample every week).  555 more words


Do you believe in magic?

One of the staff at my gym has Lupus.  As the Mayo Clinic defines it, “Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs.” 348 more words

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