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Hidden Pollutant: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a very helpful lotion, it prevents us from getting burned and decreases our chances of getting skin cancer caused by the sun’s harmful rays. 341 more words

Ocean Pollution

Choosing a Sunscreen

Remember this word, oxybenzone. Now every time you go to pick a sunscreen and it has oxybenzone in its ingredients, don’t even consider it. “But its tear free? 319 more words

What We Can Do To Help

Dying Coral

A little sunscreen made up of the wrong ingredients can go a long way, and it’s not the right way. Many families often buy spray sunscreens for an easier time applying sunscreen at the beach. 475 more words

Ocean Pollution

13 Worst-Rated Sunscreens for Kids

Applying a safe, effective sunscreen to children is one key to protecting them from sun damage. Sunscreen should never be your child’s first line of defense against the sun, of course, and the reality is that some products fall short. 128 more words


Your Sunscreen Is Not Going to Kill You


Worried about where your sunscreen falls on the Environmental Working Group’s new sunscreen ratings?

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When did sunscreen get dangerous?

“Of the 1,400+ sunscreens tested by the EWG, only 5% met their safety standards and over 40% were listed as potentially contributing to skin cancer”. WHAT??? 141 more words

External Article - How Teens Could Be at Risk From Cosmetics Use

Teens Could Be at Risk From Some Cosmetics

This is an article from Time about the possible dangers of parabens, pthalates, triclosan and oxybenzone found in a new study ( 523 more words