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Sunscreen Ingredient Is Toxic To Coral Reefs | Environmental Working Group

New evidence shows that a sunscreen ingredient EWG has long urged people to avoid is damaging to coral reefs. A study published in the journal… 302 more words

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Wednesday Question

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How Sunscreen is Killing Our Coral Reefs


          If you thought that humans couldn’t damage the environment anymore than they already have, then you are in for a surprise. How can sunscreen be killing coral reefs? 786 more words


The Swamp Lands Act and the Draining of the Everglades

          The Florida Everglades is one of the most iconic features of the Sunshine State. Thousands of different types of plants and animals call the 1.5 million acres of wetland home. 1,027 more words


How Sunscreen May Be Destroying Coral Reefs

A new study published in the journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, found that Oxybenzone, a common ingredient found in 3,500 brands of sunscreen worldwide is toxic to coral reef, which has led to the decline of reefs around the world. 265 more words

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The Rastafarian Was Right: Sunblock Is Killing Coral

About a decade ago, on a Carribean island, researchers were dumfounded. Coral reefs were clearly suffering, but no one knew why. That is until a local man with wild dreadlocks pointed out the obvious: “It’s the tourists, man.” Now, ten years later, researchers know he was correct.  1,088 more words

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Sunscreen with Oxybenzone Dangerous to Corals

Virgin Islands National Park rangers are asking visitors not to use sunscreen containing oxybenzone because it harms coral reefs, especially after a study published at the University of Central Florida this week. 436 more words