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Low oxygen levels affect your dna

When cells are functioning normally the DNA structure within them is open in order for molecules to be able to access parts of the genetic code that it contains. 384 more words

Portable Oxygen

Watching Everest

Watching the movie Everest so soon after blogging the highest I’ve ever been was interesting. The Everest Base Camp is about the same height that we reached then. 152 more words


Hypoxia - oxygen starvation

Funny what you learn when researching on the net. Yesterday I came across an article which suggested the oxygen level in the atmosphere was falling due to dying oceans and de-forestation, so I started to search for any data to support this, and in that happenstance way of the net, came across “hypoxia”, a term I had never met before. 1,795 more words

Gang Stalking


Fish Die From Oxygen Starvation in England

A large amount of fish found dead in the lower Lea river and surrounding waterways were starved of oxygen. 110 more words


Dozing in the Vein

Dozing in the Vein

I wish I could say

I have no regrets

But I’ve got them

dozing in my veins

And they’re currently

not sleeping well… 122 more words

Wayne State Doc Publishes Breakthrough Study On Cooling Blanket For Newborns

DETROIT — After more than 10 years of study, investigators in the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network, led by a pediatric researcher at Wayne State University and the Detroit Medical Center, have proven an effective way to significantly reduce death and physical and mental disability caused by reduction in oxygen and blood flow to the brain at birth. 1,112 more words