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Feelings or Oxytocin?

Tell me– what happens when your mind’s telling you one thing and your heart another?

Which one are you supposed to listen to?

Because the thing is my mind is telling me it’s nothing; it’s just the oxytocin flooding my bloodstream and tricking me into thinking that I might like this guy a little bit. 349 more words


Mountainous Birth

Driving back home the hour from the grocery store and a quick visit to my midwife’s home, I noticed a few minor contractions about twenty minutes apart. 1,604 more words


The Smell of Citrus (oxytocin sucks)

The smell of citrus

A distracted mind,

Thoughts of warmth,

Fears of excess,

A real illusion,

Easily stripped away.

The smell of citrus,

On her hands, 64 more words

Creative Writing

Zen and the Art of Emulating My Dog

My family lobbied me for a dog for YEARS before I broke down and agreed to get one. I know it sounds heartless, but I just didn’t think I could be a dog person. 645 more words


Storytelling and your brain

It has been a few weeks since I posted. My plan is to get back to once a week. Hopefully this is the start of that. 627 more words


Unhooked and Set Free: Part II

Maura is “hooked,” but she has faith in the Savior of her life. His Word is real to her. It will speak to her conscience. Maura also has a friend who will be honest with her and always remind her why setting boundaries and guarding body, mind and soul is healthy and hopeful. 953 more words

Faith & Practice

Unhooked and Set Free: Part I

Maura, a young and spirited woman, invited me into her life. She seems to welcome the experience of age and expresses the need for a “mother” figure. 879 more words

Faith & Practice