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Oxytocin Helps the Brain Modulate Social Signals

Oxytocin Helps the Brain Modulate Social Signals



Summary: A new study reports oxytocin plays a crucial role in processing numerous social signals. 860 more words


The Neuroscience of Trust

(Source: hbr.org)

Ultimately, Zak concludes, managers can cultivate trust by setting a clear direction, giving people what they need to see it through, and then getting out of their way. 3,438 more words

Money Matters

Masculine and Feminine Stories and How They Change Us

Our brain responds to imagination in the same way it responds to real world stimuli.

If you imagine a smell– maybe you just read the word “cinnamon” on the page– then the olfactory processing regions of your brain light up just the way they would if you were actually smelling cinnamon. 1,086 more words



As I get ready for my debit picture book #WhoPaintsTheWorld to be published, I set a goal to post on my blog every day. To prime the writing pump I decided to take a look at the National Day Calendar 2018. 321 more words

7 Blissful Tips for a Happy National Cuddle Day

How do you stay warm during cold months or winter season?

What better time to cuddle than this one.

So the National Cuddle Day was made for this. 1,140 more words

Why I Approve of Breastfeeding in Public

Barbara Higham discusses why she approves of breastfeeding in public.

In the 21st century, when images of the most disturbing nature are instantly accessible to anyone with Wi-Fi, it is still an almost daily occurrence to read… 865 more words


Put Me in the Game Coach

In your other post, you mentioned the roster. I feel like you left us hanging. What are the advantages of having a roster? Is there a possibility of getting caught up? 876 more words