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Obligate to love migrants: Patriots soon to be gassed by a love hormone?

An international team of researchers asks to use a hormone called the hormone of love to force the masses and especially the opponents of migrants to love migrants. 44 more words

Oxytocin and Social Norms Reduce Xenophobia

Oxytocin and Social Norms Reduce Xenophobia

Summary: Researchers report social norms together with increasing oxytocin can counter xenophobia by enhancing altruistic behaviors.

Source: University of Bonn. 790 more words


Oxytocin promotes patriotism

It is the love hormone because love also means protection.


“Grounded in the idea that ethnocentrism also facilitates within-group trust, cooperation, and coordination, we conjecture that ethnocentrism may be modulated by brain oxytocin, a peptide shown…

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Yoga for Happiness 2/3 – Gratitude Yoga via happiness.org

The second in the series of ‘yoga for happiness’. I loved this one. And all the understanding that came with my research on oxytocin and gratitude has changed my life for the better. 41 more words

My Journey

High Intervention Birth and Mother's Mood

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, FAPA and Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg, MD, PhD examine how high intervention births put mental health at risk and how to help mothers who have them. 1,350 more words



Neonates and infants are immunologically immature and at increased risk for infection with common infections like otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear), upper respiratory tract  infections, or gastroenteritis(inflammation of stomach and intestines membranes caused by an infection), and serious infections such as… 502 more words

Hugs Help

Several years ago I came up with the idea that we need to hug Daniel more, and that we need to hug him for a good, long time when we do hug him. 298 more words