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The Original CJ's BUTTer Oatmeal, Milk & Honey 2 oz stick

The glide-on version contains the same ingredients as the original BUTTer (in different proportions), except there is no lanolin. This is an easy and convenient new way to apply your CJ’s BUTTerTM The small size comes in a handy 0.75 oz ‘propel’ (screw-up) tube and the Large Stick o’ BUTTer comes in a 2 oz screw-up tube! 169 more words

CRC 5359 Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease, 8 Wt Oz

A specially developed synthetic grease with a high-tech formula for use in disc and drum brake systems. High temperature grease is plastic and rubber safe.
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3M One Step Cleaner Wax Medium Oxidation Remover 39066,16 oz

Rapidly cleans and removes most fine and medium scratches, surface imperfections, oxidation and stubborn stains, leaving a deep, rich lustre and a durable waxed finish.
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Additional Tales from Oz part 1

NOTE: I finished the Oz series way back but my collection was not yet completely finished.  In the succeeding book, I learned in the prologue that somehow L. 510 more words


Anal Glide Extra Desensitizer 2 Oz. Pump (Package Of 4)

Water Based Lubricant With Desensitizer Anal Glide Extra is an anal desensitizer and water based lubricant all in one. Its mild formula eases typical dis- comfort, making anal play more pleasurable! 6 more words

Touch Down: Oz

Would you believe that I landed in Oz in a similar style to Dorothy Gale? I was in a house during a tornado, which accidentally crushed an unfortunate woman as it landed and afterwards I unexpectedly started wearing a pair of magical ruby red slippers. 332 more words