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Wizard of Oz Coincidence

So I was on that date last Friday night. We went to dinner and sat at a table by the wall.  The square table was positioned so a corner was near the wall,  not a flat side, and she and I sat on opposite sides of that corner so we could both look into the room of we wanted. 150 more words


Home is where the heart is.

For some reason, and I’m not sure what, I was thinking about the meaning of “home” today. I can’t really think of any place I’d call “home” except for convenience, because I’ve never really felt I “belonged” to a particular location. 672 more words


Happy birthday & happy book signing Morrissey! 🎂🎁🐨✏️📚
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Non Classé

Empress of the Winkies

“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto,”
She said offhand while looking out
Her penthouse view of Emerald City,
Plush pillows puffed around her
And her little dog, to whom she… 390 more words


The Wonderful Mad Max of Oz

Day 1 (first viewing): Mad Max: Fury Road is the stylistic equivalent of The Wizard of Oz.

Day 2: Mad Max: Fury Road is the best fantasy/adventure since… 1,168 more words


Corporate American Prison Culture

I know a lot about prison culture. This is from academic study, intellectual thought of that study, and personally knowing people who have been to prison. 854 more words

Social Commentary

Patent, Pending

Photo Credits: Zvaella

The trouble when you click your toes
together instead of your heels is that

nobody knows what you’re wishing for
or where home is, or why these side… 73 more words