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Fun Fact Friday! #171

I only watched Oz: Great and Powerful one time, and while the movie didn’t move me in any way, it might be one of those instances where a second watch is needed. 78 more words

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Just two weeks ago I was praising Oz as the harbinger of the great HBO dramas to follow.  Now I’m almost done with the fourth season of the show and I’m tempted to throw in the towel.   364 more words



Not gonna be able to top this one. Not now, not ever. Nope, sorry, finito. [*Note: Speakers UP, WAY UP for the Prosh Smacking Sounds! 47 more words

Deams (Taj Alexander). Melbourne, Australia (OZ). Graffiti Artist.

Member of AWOL CREW. Melbourne-based.

“Red Directions.” Melbourne, Australia:

2015: Melbourne, Australia:

2014: Melbourne, Australia:

2014: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia:

Good interview with Deams: http://www.invurt.com/2011/10/12/interview-taj-deams-alexander/

Website… 72 more words

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

As I sit here tonight, I look around and ponder where I am.  My first thought is of Dorothy.  You see, The Wizard of Oz… 325 more words

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