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Crime Mob "Stillettos" [P. Blackk Remix]

Rap group Crime Mob had everyone turnt in the mid 2000s. P. Blackk decided to revisit their ’07 single Stillettos, see what his cool take on the track is like

Ohio Streets

Crime Mob - 'Stilettos' (P. Blackk Remix)

We probably won’t be getting any new music from Crime Mob any time soon, but for nostalgia’s sake, P. Blackk digs this joint up and puts a spin on it all his own.


King Vada "Time" (Dir. by Paul Meara) [Video]

king Vada gives us a new video from his latest song “Time” produced by P. Blackk. His new project, We Forgot God Was Watching, is set to drop on the day before Halloween.

Video by Paul Meara.


King Vada - 'Time'

I heard this joint while in Sole Classics, the other day and I don’t know what I was doing that prevented me from posting it then, but in any event, here’s a dope new cut from King Vada, produced by P. Blackk.


ONE MORE TIME: P. Blackk - 'Concorde Rollin'' (Video)

In a quest to help P. Blackk reach 100,000 views, we bring back a Columbus gem. If you’ve been in the city for a while, you know the nostalgic value this joint holds.


Brittany Nacocain - 'Out Grown'

I’m still vibin’ out to “The Shore” and Brittany Nacocain drops a new joint, produced by P. Blackk. I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long before shorty is mentioned in the same breath as the Erykah Badu’s and SZA’s of the game. 10 more words