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Chang's spicy chicken - P.F. Chang's

Served with steamed rice. $9.95
P.F. Chang’s, Memphis TN

This was decent, but not spicy at all. I mean it’s fried, battered chicken doused in sugary-salty sauce so of course it’s gonna appeal to the American tastebuds! LOL


Hot and sour soup - P.F. Chang's

Cup $2
P.F. Chang’s, Memphis TN

I’m not a fan of restaurant chains, but this soup was pretty good! I liked that it was on the spicy side (and salty, but I like salty). Yum!


Gochujang Cauliflower Tempura

Okay, full disclosure here, I generally am not a fan of cauliflower. It tastes like nothing!  But, this makes it a great vegetable conduit for bold flavours (or so I’m beginning to accept). 233 more words

Dining Out

Away, Then Home, Again...

I’m struggling to find a way to write this so that it doesn’t sound like an essay assignment about “What I did on my Vacation.” It’s early, though; I’m tired, and have a long list of jobs to accomplish today. 1,144 more words


'Nothing Will Fix What He Has Done': Man Pleads Guilty To Murdering P.F. Chang's Chef

BOSTON (CBS) – A widow startled people in the gallery of a Salem courtroom when she stood up and said she forgives her husband’s murderer. 234 more words


It's Never Too Late to Celebrate 

After Hurricane Irma hit Sunday, September the 10th, Naples didn’t have power for a week. Not only that, but there was debris everywhere, barely any gas at gas stations, and there was about no businesses that we’re open. 299 more words

Inside P.F. Chang’s data and social media overhaul

When Dwayne Chambers joined Asian-themed restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s China Bistro from Krispy Kreme around two years ago, he noticed the company had too many agencies, … 97 more words