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Dr. Funkenstein says it’s time to pay for all that funk

 Do not attempt to adjust your radio, there is nothing wrong. On Thursday, May 5, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic will take control of your funky mind and return it to you as soon as you are grooving. 1,010 more words


"Come on out for a special brunch with George Clinton."

In an attempt to cure some of my annual missing Jazz Fest seasonal affective disorder, I tuned in to New Orleans radio station WWOZ online. It only made things worse. 63 more words


Prince-A Tribute To The Purple Master

By Devon “Doc” Wendell

I’m sitting here at my filthy desk staring at my most cherished electric guitars and basses, wondering how Prince could be dead. 883 more words

Parliament - Mothership Connection

Joyous P-Funk from George Clinton’s OTT collective. This is the title track from the wonderful ‘Mothership Connection’ (1975); possibly their greatest album. “Let me put on my sunglasses so I can see what I’m doing”.


Parliament - Bop Gun (Endangered Species)

Masterful P-Funk here from the almighty Parliament; imitated and sampled by lesser individuals, but never bettered. The righteous joy this song produces is undeniable as George Clinton and co shoot you with their bop gun. 8 more words


Mutiny (1979), Eddie Hazel (1977)

After the break-up of Parliament Funkadelic, drummer Jerome Brailey (Mutiny) and guitarist Eddie Hazel went on to release equally funky, mind-expanding p-funk albums. And in the case of Brailey’s band Mutiny, there’s a reason why you’ve never heard it. 20 more words


Parliament - Dr. Funkenstein

Ridiculous P-Funk from Gorge Clinton and co. This is from their 1976 album ‘The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein’.