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This blog started off as a small local affair about a duo called 2 Shades of Grey who had a lot of experience of, and loved music. 148 more words


Is Iain Duncan Smith a Maoist? Or just a fucking moron? Smiths on Saturday.

I’ve just embarked on a reading an account of The Great Leap Forward, an account of that hard-to-believe era in China’s recent history. As I plough my way through a welter of statistics describing the unimagineable horror, and the insanity of  Mao and his cronies, it got me thinking about English tory government minister Iain Duncan Smith. 374 more words


P J Proby and Tom Jones - two great voices

27 March 1965 at the Nelson Imperial. We’d been on stage for the best part of an hour; had played our set twice, and couldn’t get off because it was a revolving stage. 661 more words