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Battle of the Books

There are many, many reasons I’m glad my tour of duty as an elementary school mother is over. Sure, I enjoyed aspects of having younger children like being able to actually understand their homework. 865 more words


P.T.A. on rewriting P.

It felt really shady at first to rewrite Pynchon; you feel like an impostor, like you’ve got dad’s car and you don’t want to fucking crash it.

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P.T.A. & P-sistent rumors.

“Oh, You Irish! You fucking Irish.  Okay. Rather than being ‘oblique’, as you say, let me be unambiguous. I have never met the man. I have never met him.

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INHERENT VICE (2014) - A planned relapse.

So two days ago I gave in, I’m fumbling, the story’s going great but I’ve been completely clean, no pot for a month and it’s one of those days where you see yourself folding. 463 more words