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No, I didn’t pickle anything. This is a name of a book.

Apparently, there were these kids who started a club that pulls crazy pranks – like filling a classroom full of plastic ball pit balls that smell like dirty feet. 138 more words

Battle of the Books

There are many, many reasons I’m glad my tour of duty as an elementary school mother is over. Sure, I enjoyed aspects of having younger children like being able to actually understand their homework. 865 more words


P.T.A. on rewriting P.

It felt really shady at first to rewrite Pynchon; you feel like an impostor, like you’ve got dad’s car and you don’t want to fucking crash it.

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P.T.A. & P-sistent rumors.

“Oh, You Irish! You fucking Irish.  Okay. Rather than being ‘oblique’, as you say, let me be unambiguous. I have never met the man. I have never met him.

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INHERENT VICE (2014) - A planned relapse.

So two days ago I gave in, I’m fumbling, the story’s going great but I’ve been completely clean, no pot for a month and it’s one of those days where you see yourself folding. 463 more words