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On Iñárritu's film BABEL

“This movie belongs to an increasingly common, as yet unnamed genre … in which drama is created by the juxtaposition of distinct stories, rather than by the progress of a single narrative arc,” said A O Scott when he wrote about Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film BABEL (2006). 283 more words

Auteur Arc: Paul Thomas Anderson

Of all the indisputably great American directors, do Paul Thomas Anderson’s films demand multiple viewings the most? Scorsese and Coppola made unflinching crime epics that you wanted to see again because of how much fun you had the first time. 3,506 more words


Inherent Vice

Written and Directed by P.T. Anderson
Based on Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon

Last week I decided to watch The Godfather. Actually, I decided to watch… 1,465 more words


By a Different Book Than I Have Known: Anderson Plays It Safe with Inherent Vice

It’s hard to talk about P. T. Anderson’s Inherent Vice without invoking its source material, Thomas Pynchon’s stoner noir, a wild, sex- and drugs-filled romp through a ’70s landscape filled with pointed caricatures of American excess. 655 more words


The Master (2012) - We box it out.

The Master came with a wonderful bonus: if you bought into the characters the film is all, but the trailers, man, they’re the Expanded Universe.  And it was all released… 500 more words

Paul Thomas Anderson

Favourites of 2014: Film

This year I continued my efforts to acquaint myself with reputed cinematic masterpieces, giving relatively short shrift to recent films. I would like to share a few words about some of the films I encountered. 2,104 more words