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Museum Monday: The Feejee Mermaid - #BLOG365 Day 12

When P.T. Barnum took control of Scudder’s American Museum in 1841, the American public was brimming with social confidence. Ordinary people were empowered like they had never been. 503 more words


Dead Man's Circus - Historical Notes

Originally I had two very similar ideas for two different chapters of Deadlands, and in the end I merged it into one. The other was a snake oil salesman tale, playing off… 710 more words

Old West

Is floss following the footsteps of Chuck Norris? Its powers seem limitless per @NYTimes

Three cheers for The New York Times @NYTimes, which yesterday featured a letter to the Editor by Stephen Gross, New York (shown, right) that offers a succinct response to the newspaper’s recent article  “ 245 more words


The Real Grizzly Adams

“A ‘chawed up’ man is very much admired all over the world” Anonymous

“There are few who do not feel interested in…a good bear story.” … 2,099 more words

Magazine Articles

The Key Message in the Hillary Clinton Acceptance Speech Was Vague

Hillary Clinton is not the bombastic speaker. That was and is the path Donald Trump has taken. Mrs. Clinton did not answer Donald Trump’s every accusation about the way the United States has conducted itself both domestically and in foreign policy. 942 more words


A Double Standard

It occurs to me, in the course of my daily musings and mind ramblings, that there is clearly a double standard in play in the political arena today.  973 more words

Political Commentary

7/21/16 Real Knowledge

Real Knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance

We could stand some real knowledge around here, in the world at large. There does not seem to be much of it these days. 1,108 more words