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much to do about Donald!

Much to do about Donald!Donald Trump may be the greatest salesman since P.T Barnum, This is not an insult to Mr.Trump but a complement.Like Mr.Barnum Trump can be rude and to the point, Trump can also be kind and generous as he showed over the weekend transporting a sick child on his private jet and giving helicopter rides to kids at a state fair… 89 more words


Barnum's doppleganger

Barnum’s doppelganger

He’s an American showman and businessman known for his promotions of both self and business. He’s an author, philanthropist, and now a politician. 1,007 more words

Never Again--In Which We Have Our First Family Outing

Dear Lily June,

Before I had kids, whenever we’d invite my sister, your Aunt Loren, somewhere, it was generally agreed amongst the family to just tell her the event started an hour earlier. 1,801 more words

Newbery Challenge Update X

Although I have read eight more Newbery books since my last update, I will only share two this evening.

The two books are both by Mabel Leigh Hunt. 302 more words


Lionsgate Developing A 'Naruto' Live-Action Movie

A handful of popular Japanese manga/anime series have been rumored to get live-action Hollywood movie adaptations in recent years, though the majority of them have yet to gain much traction ( 472 more words


Even when searching for a good Bible-based church, be sure to use wisdom in your choice

(I stumbled across this on the Internet and this preacher, Argy Rodes ironically reminds of me a local pastor whom I was associated with not too long ago. 1,091 more words

Happy Birthday, P.T. Barnum

Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.

There’s a sucker born every minute.

Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing! 36 more words

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