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Mrs. Tom Thumb

If you’re familiar with the story of Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren, you’ll know they were married for twenty-some years but never had a child of their own. 151 more words

Cartes De Visite

Time Changes Everything—Sometimes for the Better

Recently while sorting through research notes for the book I wrote about the 19th century home of the Tredwell family, I ran across an interesting diary entry made by Samuel, the youngest son. 365 more words

Merchant's House

The Art of Money Getting: E-Book Pages 91-100


  • Advertise your business
    • the whole philosophy of life is, first sow, then reap
      • that is the way a farmer does it; he plants his potatoes and corn, and sows his grain, and then goes about something else, and the time comes when he reaps…
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The Art of Money Getting: E-Book Pages 72-91


  • Learning something useful
  • Let hope predominate, but be not too visionary
    • the plan of “counting the chicken before they are hatched” is an error of ancient date, but it does not seem to improve by age…
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Winter Quarters - with elephants

Sunday Feb 6, 1944

“We took Susie to the museum last week,” My mother wrote home today. Abe showed her all the animals in the Akeley African Hall. 92 more words

World War II

The Art of Money Getting: E-Book Pages 58-73


  • Use the best tools
    • if you get a good one, it is better to keep him, than keep changing
    • he is worth to you this years more than the last…
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What Happened on February 3rd - Barnum Buys Jumbo the Elephant

In 2016, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus made news by announcing that it is ending its elephant acts and will retire all of its touring elephants in May.  466 more words