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P4a Learning Log - 23rd June 2017

This week we have been busy writing stories, working independently on maths, using the different strategies we have learned this year,  and adding lots of detail to our drawings. 174 more words

P4a Learning Log - Week beginning 29th May 2017


This week we were learning a bit about genetics and inheriting different characteristics from our Mums and Dads. We heard about the wee, wild and fast-moving Reebop creatures and set-out to make some of our own. 51 more words

P4a Learning Log - 5th May 2017

What is going well?

Living Things – we have been learning about the different vertebrate groups – amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. We were searching on ipads and in books for information and we played matching card games. 118 more words

P4a - Learning Log 28th April 2017

What have we been doing this week?

Play scripts – we got to write our own play scripts and they were really fun. We had to add characters, settings and directions. 116 more words

P4a Learning Log - 21st April 2017

Drama – we enjoyed doing the drama and making our group scenes and characters. It was fun and my group had a meerkat character called The Cat. 171 more words

It Arrived! #DFTBA

My signed perk from #p4a16 (project for awesome 2016) arrived today, and I was so freaking excited and happy. I opted for the signed John Green book perk when I donated some money to the p4a16 charity event back in December 2016. 421 more words

My Thoughts & News!

P4a Learning Log - 31st March 2016

On Tuesday we went on a class trip to Holyrood Park. We were learning about History and Archeology for our Scotland topic. We had to dress up as druids and explore! 40 more words