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P4a Learning Log - 21st April 2017

Drama – we enjoyed doing the drama and making our group scenes and characters. It was fun and my group had a meerkat character called The Cat. 171 more words

It Arrived! #DFTBA

My signed perk from #p4a16 (project for awesome 2016) arrived today, and I was so freaking excited and happy. I opted for the signed John Green book perk when I donated some money to the p4a16 charity event back in December 2016. 421 more words

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P4a Learning Log - 31st March 2016

On Tuesday we went on a class trip to Holyrood Park. We were learning about History and Archeology for our Scotland topic. We had to dress up as druids and explore! 40 more words

P4a Learning Log - 24th March 2017

Maths – my group did very well with division this week. We saw the link between multiplying and dividing. If it was 5×4=20, it would be 20÷4=5.     134 more words

P4a Learning Log - 10th March 2017

In Big Writing I liked how the letter we read reminded me of a sorcerer. When you read it, it made me really want to read it all. 101 more words

Learning Log

P4a -Learning Log Week beginning 20th Feb 2017

Maths is going well for my group as we got a lot of work done and it was fun as we got to make our own sums. 122 more words

P4a World Book Day


World Book Day fun in P4a!

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters today and started our day with a school assembly. Then we worked together to make a comic strip based on an adventure for one of the sea monkeys from our class novel, ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Reeve and McIntyre. 19 more words

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