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Infections, Consistency and a P90 Update

After 1 week into my P90 program I developed an infected cyst near a sensitive area. I stopped working out and saw a doctor immediately. He placed me on antibiotics and I placed P90 on hold. 316 more words


What is P90?

90-Day Body Transformation for EVERYONE
Extreme programs like P90X® aren’t for everyone. So welcome to the all-new P90—your gateway to getting fit regardless of your age or fitness level! 430 more words


I am starting P90!

So excited to start…
I won’t be doing the food part of this program since I am doing my cleanse but I will be doing everything else!  :)

Let’s Hit It!


Getting Fit

 My fitness journey is young, but working. This is kind of an old picture. I’m on week 5 now, but haven’t posted a new picture. There has been little change since week 3 and I been a little discouraged. 42 more words

P90: Day One

P90 Day 1:

I went with the cardio based plan for my first 90 days. I have to say that the “A” set is the perfect length so far. 301 more words


P90 Week 3

Greetings, nonathletes!

So, despite my initial determination to complete as full and unadulterated a P90 calendar as possible, I’ve realized how much I actively dislike Sweat A + Ab Ripper A and have instead opted to switch in yoga workouts instead, making this a strength training + yoga hybrid for the time being. 237 more words


P90: Week 1

P90 may be called the “on switch to fitness” for people who haven’t worked out in a long time (or ever), but as someone who’s dabbled with INSANITY, P90X and X3, I can safely say that P90 is definitely a challenging program…if you make it challenging. 268 more words