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Review: Gibson Les Paul 50s Tribute, Going for Gold....

Hey, what do I know? I loved those slightly mad 2015 Gibson, with the auto-tuners and and that mad brass nut. But I understand why so many did not like them and why there was relief when Gibson went forward to the past with a run of restrained, Cooly designed guitars for 2016. 367 more words


New Tesla Model S Now the Quickest Production Car in the Works 

Straight from the Press Office folks!

Today, Tesla introduced the P100D for Model S and Model X. You can find our blog post on the news… 564 more words

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Everton midfield options

Everton assets are attracting the attention of Fantasy Premier League managers as the club continues a run of kind fixtures that started last week against West Bromwich Albion. 744 more words

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Chptr 2- Exercise Rx. I don't wanna...

The first chapter of “Transformation” was a heartfelt search into what and why I wanted to get into shape. I laughed; I cried. And at the end – after the most humiliating pictures I think I have ever made very public – I feel I came out a better person. 517 more words

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Mindset 06/27/16: Day 1

True success is not in the big efforts we accomplish once in a while but in the little consistencies we accomplish every day. Which is SO accurate because if it was the once in a while big efforts, my ass would be at my goal weight after skipping carbs for 1 day… 615 more words

Move Over Stepford

Chapter 1, Part 2

Yesterday, I the starting point for my journey in the “Transformation” book. Tonight: What my vision of my goals are at the end of this 18-week program. 1,139 more words

Move Over Stepford

What's My Problem??

People say, “All you have to do is eat right and exercise. What’s your problem?” My knee-jerk response is, “Let me show you what my problem is.” Then chase them down with a baseball bat. 902 more words

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