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Shift Shop Day 15 - Speed 45

Listen!!!! It is raining like cats and dogs here in South Florida and we are under tornado watch, so I couldn’t do my normal workout in the morning. 473 more words

Journey To Peace - Physical Appearance

I used to hate all of this health and fitness stuff

Today, I’m going to get personal and vulnerable, and share my own health and fitness journey in painful detail. If you’re looking for helpful advice and tips, move along to pretty much any other post; it’s great if my story helps someone, but my intention is to just put it out there. 2,290 more words

P90 Update - Phase A Complete

After four weeks and several bumps in the road, I completed the first phase, Phase A, of P90.

The first bump was coming down with a cold during the second and third weeks. 374 more words


Beachbody's P90: First Week Review

Fifty-four pounds.

That’s how much weight I’ve gained since getting pregnant with my first child. And that’s how much I want to lose in the next year. 522 more words


PRS SE 277 Baritone

For a good long while there, it seemed as if 2017 was going to be yet another Gibson year for me. The 2017 Les Paul range included the Tribute models, which sported a most delectable goldtop with humbuckers for a quite reasonable price. 1,403 more words


Beached Body

Woohoo! I’ve managed to go less than a year between writing a post! Yay! Go me!

Yes, sarcasm is a strong point of mine. In contrast, my arms, legs, every other part of my body really, are not strong points, hence the point of this post: Getting “beach body” ready. 604 more words