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Why I Quit the 21 Day Fix

Have you ever owned something, from a piece of clothing to a tattered, dog-eared copy of your favorite book, that you loved so much, you couldn’t bear to part with it? 874 more words

21 Day Fix

A guitarist walks into a whammy bar...

A very good afternoon to you.

A new brand spanking new Morton Dominator is fresh off the production line! Dominator 15006 is the first model to boast a Stetsbar tremolo unit. 209 more words


P90 day 8: good day!

Short post because I am exhausted, too hot to sleep last night. But here are the highlights

-over 17000 steps walked 3.3 km to and from work, and at work… 33 more words


Week 1 Review

Well week one has come and gone. Last Sunday I posted my goals for the week, lets see how i did

Last weeks Weekly Goals… 258 more words


P90 Day1 in the books

Short post from my cell phone because my computer is on the fritz.

My dog decided it was a great idea to randomly bark 5 or 6 times for 10 to 60 sec in the middle of the night last night waking up the whole house several times so I slept HORRIBLE. 203 more words


Take on an Empty Stomach: How I knew it was time for change

Do you ever look back at your past and realize all of the things that happened along the way to get you to where you are?   622 more words