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PA voter ID battle not over

Pennsylvania legislators on Wednesday pushed through a bill requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. Gov. Tom Corbett quickly signed the bill into law, and said it sets a “simple and clear standard to protect the integrity of our elections.” 335 more words


Reagan's wrecking crew

Where would America be without the two-term presidency of Ronald Reagan? Answering this question, Charles P. Pierce addressed the ghost of the Gipper on his 101st birthday: 372 more words

Economic Collapse

Pennsylvania Government - Fall Topics

One of the most important issues up for debate this fall is whether to create a new program of school vouchers. The vouchers would allow parents who choose to send their children to private and religious schools to receive a taxpayer subsidy. 682 more words


Gov. Corbett WAMs PA Again

By Tim Potts of Democracy Rising PA

As he allowed 42,000 working poor citizens to lose their AdultBasic health insurance for want of $54 million, Gov. 691 more words

News And Views

Budget Pain - Not for Lawmakers or Corbett Staff

By Tim Potts

DR News: Budget Pain: Not for Lawmakers, Corbett Staff

On the day that 42,000 working poor in PA lost their health insurance because Gov. 704 more words

Conniving-Lying-Sneaky Politicians