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5 Reasons to avoid WLS SAF Agents within your FMW Architecture by Arturo Viveros

I know that this is quite an extremist title, and my colleagues will surely get a good laugh out of it since we actually just had some quite interesting experiences with SAF. 403 more words


This year’s WebLogic 20th anniversary by Michael Schildmeijer

The year 2017 is the year that Oracle’s WebLogic Application Server has become 20 years old. Started by the founder Paul Ambrose with his company WebLogic he released the first version called "Tengah". 64 more words


First experience Using the Oracle Container Cloud Service by David Reid

In a previous blog on OCCS, I covered the steps required to provision the service. As an input to the OCCS Service provisioning I was prompted to specify the number of worker nodes I required, which for my example I set to be two. 280 more words


OAC Series: Patching OAC

Last night we decided to patch our OAC instance to the awaited 106 release for Essbase Cloud. There were actually 2 patches made available, one for Essbase Cloud and one for BI Cloud. 1,404 more words


Create a WebSocket application using Oracle Developer Cloud & Application Container Cloud by Abhishek Gupta


WebSocket: the standard

WebSocket is an IETF standard recognized by RFC 6455 and has the following key characteristics which make it great fit for real time applications… 355 more words


Automating PHP-based Microservices Deployment in the Oracle Cloud by Abhinav Shroff

This blog teaches you how to deploy a simple PHP based REST microservice project on Oracle Application Container Cloud using Oracle Developer Cloud.

This post shows the essential capabilities for PHP projects management, build automation and streamlined deployment in the Oracle Cloud, using Developer Cloud Service and deploying to Application Container Cloud. 312 more words


Node.js with Redis Tutorial

This blog will set up a quick Node.js with Redis sample. We will do this the lazy Milky way – simply refactoring the existing OpenShift… 242 more words