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Create an Integration on ICS to expose a REST API for a SOAP Connection for an external web service by Lucas Jellema

In this article, I will show a little bit more of ICS – the Integration Cloud Service. In a previous article, I have introduced some concepts – such as Connection, Integration, Business Identifier. 200 more words


The quick introduction to the Integration Cloud Service (Oracle PaaS– ICS) by Lucas Jellema

Integration is the term we employ for ‘what ties systems together into end-to-end interaction flows’. Integration describes what we have to do to make applications in one domain talk to those in another, or systems in one enterprise talk to those in another. 496 more words


Oracle OpenWorld 2016 presentations

At the SOA & BPM Partner Community workspace the SOA and BPM presentations have been published in ppt format (community membership required). We would like to encourage you to use the material to update your customer base. 325 more words


Azure Weekly: Oct 17, 2016

Are you having difficulty keeping up to date on all the frequent changes and updates in the Microsoft Azure space? Then the Build Azure Weekly has the solution you’re looking for. 1,046 more words


Oracle OpenWorld 2016 Summaries

In case you missed the Oracle OpenWorld 2016 PaaS Partner Update webcast it’s now available on-demand here. Slides from the community webcasts are published here… 130 more words


Node.js tutorial part 1; setting up your environment by Patrick Sinke

In a previous post I explained what Node.js is and how it works. Now, I’ll help you install it and create your first Node.js powered webpage. 259 more words


Application Container Cloud, Oracle JET, and NetBeans IDE (Part 2) by Geertja

In part 1, yesterday, we deployed a Node.js application, with static resources architected on Orace JET, to the Application Container Cloud Service (ACCS). However, ACCS is also applicable to Java SE applications. 176 more words