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Build your next cloud-based PaaS in under an hour

This post was originally published on the Red Hat Developers Blog.

The charter of Open Innovation Labs is to help our customers accelerate application development and realize the latest advancements in software delivery, by providing skills, mentoring, and tools. 212 more words


The startup guide to cloud: How to build your business in the cloud

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For cash-strapped early stage startups, building a server infrastructure from the ground up and maintaining it is too costly and time-consuming. Besides hardware costs, you have to factor in air-conditioning and ventilation (servers heat up real fast!) and electricity. 188 more words


PaaS Messaging Needs to Include Containers to Address Top-of-Mind IT Ops Issues

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  • Container vendors’ messaging drives home code portability advantages.
  • PaaS vendors need to address IT ops deployment concerns through CaaS.

Container-as-a-service (CaaS) is a type of cloud service that addresses operational issues around infrastructure portability and management, making the emerging deployment technology a critical part of PaaS providers’ messaging. 408 more words


Demystifying the Cloud (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS)

So, I got a chance to work on a product which was based on social networking. And before I joined the team, they were using Heroku, a cloud-based platform. 723 more words


Azure Logic Appsが一般提供開始 [ #cloud ]

7月27日、MicrosoftはIntegration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)であるLogic Appsが一般向け提供(GA)に達したと発表した。GAリリースにはワークフローの実行詳細やテレメトリのイベントとアラートなどの管理機能が追加されている。このリリースの一部として、同社は利用ベースの価格の詳細を公開した。



オラクルのクラウド勉強会で畑と会話するIoTを作る [ #cloud ]

8月10日、オラクルのクラウドコミュニティ「Oracle Cloud Developers」は、IoTのハンズオンを開催した。同社のPaaSであるOracle APEX(Oracle Application Express)を使うことで、IoTのクラウド側バックエンドを迅速に構築することが可能だ。