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Exploring the IBM Advantage: Hybrid Cloud

Why Hybrid Cloud

A little more than a month into 2016 and it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is the year when making the cloud a strategic part of your IT landscape is no longer optional. 360 more words


IaaS PaaS SaaS and CaaS

IaaS PaaS SaaS and CaaS

With the massive increase in “as a Service” we’ve now advanced to XaaS – Everything as a Service. These offerings provide services that are consumed over the internet and they have continued to gain traction. 59 more words


What are the cloud computing models - How SaaS model can be used ?

You might be going through my previous blogs on cloud. In this blog, I would like to elaborate on the Cloud models and the SaaS model usage with a sample Enterprise architecture. 370 more words

Initiate Cloud Transformation

Want to try Oracle PaaS Services including Integration Cloud Service and Process Cloud Service? Get your GSE credentials today!


As Oracle’s primary demos organization, GSE leverages economies of scale to deliver great demos for sales use

· Provides demos Oracle Partners and Oracle internal to sales consultants… 275 more words


マイクロソフト、「Azure Stack」向けのPaaSやDevOpsサービスを発表 [ #cbajp ]

Microsoftは1月末にハイブリッドクラウド構築のためのソフトウェア定義インフラストラクチャ「Azure Stack」のテクニカルプレビューを公開したが、米国時間2月8日には、約束していたAzure Stack向けサービスのプレビューを提供した。Azure Stackテクニカルプレビュー上で実装して動かすことができるAzure PaaSサービスとDevOpsツールであり、次のような機能を含む。