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Kobra #1-4 (DC)

Rating: 3.5/5 – Kobra’s Publishing History is Better Than the Story Itself.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

The very first issue of Kobra has quite a few names in the credits box that I wasn’t expecting. 742 more words


Marvel Two-in-One 24, 1977 "Does Anyone Remember...The Hijacker!?"

While I don’t “remember the Hijacker,” I do know an awesome villain when I see one! Brought to life during the great, but short-lived series “Black Goliath,” This little known villain is so generic he’s awesome! 167 more words

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Sunday Scan - Gil Kane

Click the image below to load a 1916×3000 pixel version:

Sunday Scan time. This week we have another one by the legendary and prolific Gil Kane. 79 more words


Tomb of Darkness 22, 1976 "My Brother, This Monster!"

As Halloween is just around the corner, the hits just keep on coming! Another reprint of Atlas Era material is here, and this one doesn’t disappoint. 248 more words

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Tales of the Zombie 6, 1974 "Child of Darkness!"

The Marvel black and white magazines from the Bronze Age are nothing short or astonishing. The painted covers, great creators, and over-sized goodness are just a few reasons why I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to grab more every time I hit a convention. 180 more words

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Batman 361 - Man-Bat wants a son

Continuing from the previous issue of Detective Comics, Man-Bat holds Jason Todd captive in Batman 361 (July 1983), by Moench, Newton and Marcos.

Man-Bat has, once again, lost his grasp on reality, and believes his daughter Rebecca to be dead.  199 more words

Superman Annual 12 - Superman and Luthor vs the super-suit

Cary Bates, Alex Saviuk and Pablo Marcos bring a conclusion to the saga of Lex Luthor’s super-suit in Annual 12, which is also the final appearance of the pre-Crisis Luthor. 311 more words