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Superman Annual 12 - Superman and Luthor vs the super-suit

Cary Bates, Alex Saviuk and Pablo Marcos bring a conclusion to the saga of Lex Luthor’s super-suit in Annual 12, which is also the final appearance of the pre-Crisis Luthor. 311 more words

DC Comics

Tales of the Zombie #3, 1973 "When The Gods Crave Flesh!"

I have a new passion for a certain comic book that wont stop gnawing at me. The black and white horror magazines from the 1970s are very hypnotizing; from the fantastic artwork, the wild stories, and the overall more mature tone are really exceptional. 198 more words

Comic Books

World's Finest 311 - the Monitor gives a young boy access to Superman's computer

Cavalieri, Woch and Marcos have a lot of fun in World’s Finest 311 (Jan. 85), one of the only issues from the final year of this series that I enjoy. 248 more words

World's Finest 305 - Swordfish wants Barracuda

Great cover for World’s Finest 305 (July 1984), as Kraft continues with the story behind Null and Void, with Von Eeden and Marcos on the art. 127 more words

World's Finest 241 - Superman and Batman, lost in space

I bought World’s Finest 241 (Oct. 76) because of the big cyclops on the cover.  I really enjoyed the story, by Haney, Pablo Marcos and Calnan, despite how ridiculous it is. 166 more words

Omega the Unknown #4, 1976 "Cats and no Dogs!"

On my last adventure to the comic shop, I had several issues in mind that I was going to grab. The only problem was that those issues were nowhere to be found. 246 more words

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