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Detective 582 - Batman assaults the Manhunter temple

Detective 582 (Jan. 88) is not merely a Millenium crossover, it was also part of a four issue telling of the heroes’ invasion of the Manhunter temple in the Louisiana bayou.  261 more words

DC Comics

Detective 581 - Two Two-Faces

Mike W Barr’s run on Detective comes to an end with issue 581 (Dec. 87), the concluding half of the two Two-Faces story, with art by Jim Baikie and Pablo Marcos. 163 more words

DC Comics

Detective 522 - Batman chases the Snowman, and Hi Tek toys with Green Arrow

Gerry Conway, Irv Novick and Pablo Marcos bring back the Snowman, Klaus Krispin, in Detective 522 (Jan. 83).

Krispin had appeared in an issue of Batman a couple of years earlier. 197 more words