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She is waiting outside

They came short of a smile

Fretfully tethering her fingers

Don’t want this minute to linger

She clutched the first seat… 37 more words


      The Air Sings Like A Guitar…

  • Pablo Neruda
6 more words

The Conversation

What did the tree learn from the earth
to be able to talk with the sky?

Pablo Neruda, The Book of Questions

*********************** 82 more words

Recent Paintings


Staring in a blank porcelain

Clock moving on

Even a heartbeat’s amplified

Trace the rims, stretch up

Fingertips touch the stony lining

Trail until the light appears… 12 more words



I can’t see

But I can sense all

In this basement of unsolicited possessions

A thrill in my shoe

To let me recognize you’re around… 46 more words


Poem for Thursday

Ode to the Cat

The animals were imperfect,
unfortunate in their heads.
Little by little they
put themselves together,
making themselves a landscape,
acquiring spots, grace, flight. 382 more words


I remember

When I was six, I remember

I remember going inside a car with my mom and little brother

I remember spending a holiday on a hotel just us three… 168 more words