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The Winged Ox at St Luke's, Glasgow

Scottish people will drink anywhere. At home. On a piss-stained old mattress at the park. At school. In the hospital. Shit, they’ll even drink at church. 602 more words

Review Gangsta

Mike of Loss Mitigation Named Week 1 Pabst Blue Ribbon Wiffler of the Week

After winning the 2017 batting title, finishing runner-up in regular season MVP voting, winning the Wiffle Series, and being named Wiffle Series MVP, Mike started the 2018 season on fire. 112 more words

Quest: On the Trail of Baseball Stadiums

In my continuing quest to visit all the Major League baseball stadiums I flew up to Milwaukee for a Pirates and Brewers contest. Of course, Milwaukee is known as ‘Brew City’ so I visited The Pabst Brewery museum.   806 more words

A Quest

Beer on the Box - Pabst Blue Ribbon

You like walking alongside big old bits of machinery? Then you like PBR.

Beer On The Box

Beer on the Box - Pabst Blue Ribbon

Check out that great head acting at around the 10-second mark.

Beer On The Box

Pabst History Tour, Milwaukee

Sometimes, late at night, when the world has largely gone to bed and my mind is settling in for a restful slumber in my Bay View flat, the soft whispers of distant voices pass through my head as I hear the words that are oft repeated to me,   1,652 more words