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Beer on the Box - Pabst Blue Ribbon

You like walking alongside big old bits of machinery? Then you like PBR.

Beer On The Box

Beer on the Box - Pabst Blue Ribbon

Check out that great head acting at around the 10-second mark.

Beer On The Box

Entry 726: We’re Number Six!

Since the turn of the century, the United States has seen its standing among nations diminish in many important categories such as innovation, education and sanity. 640 more words


Pabst Released 99-Packs Of PBR For The Holidays

For those into the notoriously cheap beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, this is a Christmas miracle. The company released a limited amount of PBR 99-packs this month, but unfortunately, they were only available at liquor stores in the Canadian province of Quebec. 79 more words


Pabst History Tour, Milwaukee

Sometimes, late at night, when the world has largely gone to bed and my mind is settling in for a restful slumber in my Bay View flat, the soft whispers of distant voices pass through my head as I hear the words that are oft repeated to me,   1,652 more words

Battle of the Beers - Ford EcoBoost 400

The Battle of the Beers is the weekly drinking game focusing on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. News, discussion topics and other themes of the week are highlighted and in proper Brake and Clutch form, we target them for a drinking game. 163 more words