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Adult Drink Reaction: Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

Evening Rad Blog,

So, I have moved in another direction with out second Adult Drink Reaction. Maybe it isn’t that big of a step because I’ve gone with a beer I’ve known about for a long time. 1,573 more words


Beer place--

People in Wisconsin consume more beer per capita than any other state in the U.S….and Milwaukee is near the top of the list for sucking down brew within the state.   242 more words


1 - 1492 is coming for you

(June 7)

Few have seen but a glimpse of Hell, a tatter of Revelation, yet for me it was my Daily Bread; well, that and a good bottle of Jack, and maybe a PBR or two… 2,326 more words

Book 1

the first party

Today I was reminded of a really great story. Or at least…I think it’s great.

The story of my first college party. My first party, really. 1,355 more words

Din Mother

One time, in fifth grade, I was having a cub scout meeting at my place and this neighbor came over – I think his name was Mr. 207 more words


Episode 254: Domestic Beer Ragrets

This special episode of the APC Podcast is not brought to you by Zima, Budweiser, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Coors Light, or Miller Light sponsors, but a podcast host can dream, can’t he? 73 more words