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Business Student

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The discourse community that I belong to is filled with business students, including me. This was not done on purpose, we all just seemed to “click”. 307 more words

College Student

Advantages in School

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I was incredibly excited and nervous to move to college. Away from my strict parents and on to my newfound freedom. When I got the opportunity to sign up for the… 563 more words

College Student

5 Reasons Why You Should Enroll At Pace University

If you’re a senior in High school or looking to transfer from your current college or University, Pace University should be the top on your list. 524 more words


6 Ways To Meet People At Pace University

It can be difficult or overwhelming for others to make friends when you’re in a new environment such as going away to college. However, Pace University makes it easier for students. 369 more words


Traditional vs. nontraditional: Whose college is better?

Tianna Bradford | Staff Writer

As we go home for break and we see our family, other cousins and siblings who are also in college, there’s always the debate of whose school is better and has the more leading potential. 408 more words


A historical visit to Cambridge's exhibition on Colonial India:

We went to the exhibition called “Freedom and Fragmentation”. Upon entering, it was far from the warm atmosphere we had come to expect from Cambridge. Even more surprisingly for an exhibition on old photographs, we arrived in a beautiful modern building of brick and glass. 739 more words

Transcontinental Tracks