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Study Shows MRIs Safe for Pacemaker & ICD Patients

The long awaited results from the Magna-Safe study were published today in the New England Journal of Medicineand it was good news for pacer and implantable cardioverter–defibrillator (ICD) patients! 155 more words


Close Encounters

Have you ever felt to be on the edge of life and death? Have you ever had a near death experience? It’s rare but it can happen.  1,018 more words


Pacemaker Crown Graphic (1955)

You know the saying, “the first drug is always free?” That’s how my friend Maurice convinced me to experiment with large format. Late last year, he asked me if I would be interested in trying one of his… 342 more words


My Achy Breaky Heart

 After what seemed to be many years, but in reality a few days, I was given March 1st as the date that my body would never be alone again…

506 more words

The first days after the surgery

Those days all ran together.  She successfully had 2 valves (mitral and tricuspid) replaced with tissue valves.  The doctor had told us he would not use mechanical valves, because he didn’t want her to be on blood thinner the rest of her life.  326 more words

Using Pacemaker Data to Catch a Criminal

An Ohio man, Ross Compton, was arrested for arson after police found discrepancies in testimony and a cardiologist reviewed his pacemaker’s data that proved that it was improbable that what he alleged happened was possible. 206 more words

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