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Il secolo americano, a 70 anni dalla fine della Seconda guerra mondiale

Gli Stati Uniti restano “la nazione indispensabile”. Così ha detto Barack Obama in un importante discorso ai cadetti dell’accademia militare di West Point, un anno fa. 851 more words

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Sailing out of the troubled waters: What US-China-Japan-ASEAN can do

Deficit in political trust is running high in the Asia-Pacific region.

Armed maritime clashes between China and various claimant states to islands in the South and East China can become alarmingly real. 654 more words


A Pacific Century, Not Asian Century?

Words: Eugene Sebastian

21st century is not and will not belong to Asia alone according to experts.

The town of Locke is about 140 kilometres northeast of San Francisco. 665 more words


Grand Strategy in the Pacific


The Pacific Ocean is the largest unified geographical area on the surface of the planet. Covering more than a quarter of the globe, it is, “almost equal to the total land area of the world” (according to the… 1,392 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

Regionalism as a Strategic Trend


A reader, Greg R. Lawson, commented on my last post, The Economic Future of Europe, including the following:

“Bigger issue now is, what does the US do with its western flank in an era most believe to be defined by the rise of Asia?” … 2,546 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

Tim Montgomerie can add Iraq to his list of foreign policy failures

I have a complicated relationship with neoconservatives. Laws prohibiting murder complicate things, but also the way ‘neocons’ ruin good ideas with bad analysis. Democratization in the Middle East is tainted by its association with them (though the claim that the Arab Spring vindicates their beliefs is like Jehovah’s Witnesses claiming credit for the Second Coming…). 555 more words

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The Question

How do you take part in someone else’s historical moment? Christopher Coker, a sharp observer of world affairs, posed this question last spring, speaking at an event at RUSI. 214 more words

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